7 FREE and Must-Have Apps For Your Smartphone That Millennials Use Daily

Either you just got that brand new shinny smartphone and you don’t know what are the apps you need to install or you just need recommendations, here are 7 FREE and must-have apps that millennials are using daily:

7 Must Have Apps That Millennials Use Daily
7 Must Have Apps That Millennials Use Daily

1. Spotify

One of Music lovers’ favorite app. You can listen on-demand, anywhere and anytime, as long as you have data plan or Wi-Fi connection. Spotify is FREE to use with ads. Only if you need to play selected songs, save songs offline, only then you need to subscribe to it.

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2. YouTube

Who watch TV/Cable TV nowadays? I, even though not in millennials category (I’m almost 30 by the way), rarely watch TV channels/Cable TV channels. Only in special occasion such as going to friends/relatives house then watch TV with them.

Today, everybody is on YouTube. Even my mom. She likes to watch those Korean dramas, she, herself, able to search for the drama series then watch it from the Android TV box connected to TV. Anyway, YouTube is FREE with advertisement. Watch anything you like: movies, songs, review and even recorded speech.

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3. Flipboard

Don’t tell me you are still reading newspaper today, do you?

Well, today you can find almost everything happening in this world (and outside this world: space) from FlipBoard. It’s totally FREE without any subscription. You can curate your own favourite topics and articles and even can create your own magazine to stores all your favourite topics/articles.

Go green. Use FlipBoard instead of newspaper.

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4. Google Maps

Likes to travel? Be it going somewhere in your town/countries or going abroad, visiting other countries or just going from point A to point B? Depends on where you are going, but to most of the countries, Google Maps is an absolute maps to have it on your phones. It’s totally FREE. Even now Google allows you to save the maps offline, so you can use it without data plan or internet connection.

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5. Google Photos

Re-introduced back in May 2015, the new Google Photos is unlike it’s predecessors, it is a pure app to upload your photos and videos to Google cloud. It’s totally FREE and UNLIMITED!

Yes, you read it right. Google offers unlimited storage for your photos and videos, as long as you are okay to upload the high-resolution version of your photos and videos.

High-resolution means that it won’t upload your raw size photos or videos. It will reduce your photos/videos quality to a standard where the photos and videos are still look okay to see.

Google also cleverly identifies the photos and videos, makes grouping based on people found in the photos/videos, time and places where the photos/videos were taken, and even creates animations for you.

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6. Pocket

Just like it’s name, Pocket is an app that act like a pocket, where you can stores any digital articles to it. It’s like a bookmark, but works cross platform and cross browser.

Sometimes you bump into a good article, but you don’t have time to fully read it. The solution? Store it to Pocket, so you can read it later. Pocket is FREE and has unlimited storage.

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7. Uber

I’m in no-way against taxi, but admit it, taxi sometimes has a lot of premium charges (exclude expressway/toll fee) on top of the traveling fee you need to pay. And sometimes taxi, especially in the rush hour, choose who they want to take with them, they are not taking any passengers even though their cab is empty, they are waiting the customer to make a booking call and then get them. It’s totally annoying.

Now that won’t be the case anymore. With Uber (exclude Uber Taxi), you can request a ride anywhere and anytime you like. And in most cases, the driver will pick you up without much choosing since they don’t have your detail and destination yet and only when he picks you up, only then your details and destination appear on his screen. Less annoying and depends on time and area you are standing now, Uber is relatively cheaper.

The Uber app itself is FREE, but riding somewhere with somebody else’s car will cost you a fee.

Oh enter this promotion code to get $10 off of your first ride: ‘UberYouAndMeGet10’.

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The Verdict

Those all my 7 FREE and must-have millennials apps, and like most millennials, I myself am using them daily. What about you? Do you have the same list as me? Or do you have other FREE and must-have apps that I don’t list here? Let me know your list.

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