Bitcoin is Going Crazy and #CoinBaseIsDown Because of High Transaction of Bitcoin!

As this article is written, CoinBase – the largest Bitcoin exchange seems to experienceworld-wide outage. I, myself, unable to login to my Coinbase account. The outage was started around 7th December 2017 11.21pm SGT (Singapore Time) or around 7th December 2017 7.21am PST. And until now – when this article is written, 8th December 2017 1.05am SGT, CoinBase is still having troubles letting their users to login to sell their Bitcoin.

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#CoinBase is down

Confirmed by CoinBase official twitter account that they are experiencing outage now. See the tweets below.
CoinBase is down #coinbaseisdown
Largest Bitcoin Exchange is down – #CoinBaseIsDown!

Update on 8th December 1.37am SGT (7th December 2017 11.37pm PST):

Coinbase website is also down as you can see from the screenshot I got when accessing their website.

Coinbase website is down
Coinbase website is down. People unable to offload their Bitcoin.


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BitCoin price is soaring like crazy!

At around 8th December 2017 12.25am SGT (Singapore Time), Bitcoin price reached all time high and world record: it reached S$26,000 or around US$19,262. It’s crazy at the same time it’s amazing!


Bitcoin Price Soars #Bitcoin going crazy
Bitcoin is going Crazy! It reached $26K SGD or $19,262 USD in today’s rate


Are you selling your Bitcoin?

With this price hike like crazy, are you guys selling your Bitcoin? Or waiting it to go even higher? Or do you think to invest more? Let me know your thoughts down below on comment section. And hopefully, Coinbase is recovering soon.


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