I love taking notes and I got 700+ over Notes on my iPhone. What about you?

How many notes do you have with you?

Tens? Twenties? Fifties or One hundreds? Well, mine is 700+ notes and not stopping.

Do you make use of your Smartphone to take notes of anything?

Well I do and that’s why the number is massive. 700+ and not stopping. I do take notes for anything related to my work tasks, project strategies, investment strategies, email drafts, goals to be achieved, books to be read, website links, shopping lists, storing passport number, account number, as well as blog-article-writing ideas that pops up into my head. Basically everything. Well, the last one is actually the one taking over that makes the number to be massive.

If you do taking notes on your Smartphone, what’s your favorite note taking app?

For me personally, I’m using Notes app that comes built-in inside iOS since the inception of iOS. And throughout the years, iOS Notes app has improved a lot, from just storing text in the beginning, now it can store tables, images, sketch and strokes. From just stored locally, now it’s available on the cloud – iCloud to be precise.

People might say why it has to be iOS Notes and not Google Keep or something else?

That’s because since the introduction of iPhone 3G back in 2008 in Singapore, my main phone is always iPhone. And during that point of time (2008), I don’t think Google has Keep app already and there’s so much less choices for notes taking app. So from 2008, I started using iOS Notes app and my notes keep growing till what you see today – 700+ over and not stopping.
Google Keep for taking notes
But, talking about Google Keep and in case you want to give Google Keep a try, do check here to get the official download link and read my short review about Google Keep and its advantages over other notes taking app.


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My Notes app with 700+ notes inside! How many notes do you have on your phone?

Reason why I use and love Notes – the iOS stock app for taking notes

1. It’s basic app available on my phone
2. It has simple interface to record anything with text
3. It’s one of the fastest notes-taking app to open especially since it’s a built in app from iOS
4. It has full text search capability
5. All of my notes is also available in the cloud – iCloud
6. Currently it doesn’t have tagging feature but hey, there’s Folders (since iOS 10) so I can classify and categorize my notes into few categories as seen on the image
7. Has the ability to recover deleted Notes (since iOS 10 perhaps), so if I accidentally delete them, I can still recover the deleted notes

Issues with iOS Notes app

My love using iOS Notes app for notes taking doesn’t free me from issues. Thanks to buggy iOS. But have you ever wondered how many notes you can save on your iOS devices? Be it iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?
Most of you – me included – might think the limit is the storage space. As long as there’s still storage space left, you can create a new note. Well we might be wrong. Because today, with 700+ over notes I have on my Notes app, I do encountering the Notes app quite often turned freezing, then close itself like there’s not enough RAM and returned me to my iPhone home screen.
While I’m hoping Apple could improve Notes app in the future, to prevent freezing due to massive number of notes being stored, I got to start finding the alternative. And I think Google Keep is one of my candidates.


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