Lessons You Can and Should Learned from the Death of Avicii

EDM world is in sad mode. One of its stars, Tim Bergling – who famous with stage name Avicii, was found dead a few days back. Although I don’t really go to nightclubs or music festivals, but I do enjoy his music.

Despite of his efforts on 2016 retiring from his busy schedules touring from one place to another place due to health issues, he finally breathed his last on 20th April 2018.

Tim Bergling a.k.a Avicii jilaxzone.com
Tim Bergling a.k.a Avicii

A few lessons you can and should learn from Avicii and his death

1. Health is priority #1

Regardless of how fame and rich you are, if you don’t take care of your health, your fame and money won’t be able to help you.

2. Know your limit and don’t over-abused your body

In 2016, due to quite many incidents where he went multiple times to hospitals and have a few of his limbs removed, he decided to stop his touring activities. Although it seemed a bit late, but at least at some point, he chose health over money and fame – after realizing his body and health weren’t in good conditions.

Know your limit and stop abusing your body before its too late.

3. Make time to rest

Your body and mind are not a machine. Even machine breaks after being overused. Despite of how many glass of coffee, supplements and vitamins you take, your body and mind still need rest. No matter how busy you are, you should take rest. Otherwise, like Avicii, you are going to take rest forever.


Rest in Peace, Avicii.

Thank you for all of your contributions and hopefully we can all learn from your life experiences, especially how to keep up with health.

Check here to learn how you can start investing in your own health (and to really make it happen) and strategy you can use to achieve them. Don’t be late or RIP for you.

Back in 2017, Avicii made a documentary movie about himself struggling between fame and health. Check the trailer here.


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One thought on “Lessons You Can and Should Learned from the Death of Avicii

  • April 25, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Hi. Correction here, it’s not that he “at some point chose health over money and fame.” Not sure if you’re familiar with the documentary but he said loud and clear long before he retired that he didn’t want to do that anymore. He said if it keeps going like this I’m going to die but sadly the vultures around him that wanted to get rich off of him kept pressuring him and kept booking gigs despite his pledges. So he was a very bright person that knew his limits which you can see he was very honest and open about with everyone. But it just doesn’t seem that easy to apply everything you say in that type of world where you get so lonely and isolated from the people that really care about you and instead get surrounded by people that only wants to milk you for everything you got. Also you should know that everything he brought in on the tour in USA he gave to charity, also in Africa he donated the 1 million to help those in need. He said that he realized early on that he didn’t need that much money. So you can really say that he didn’t choose money or fame at all over his health because he didn’t want it anyway. What you can learn, instead of what you wrote, is try your best to always keep those closest to you around you because it gets very easy to feel lonely in that lifestyle and fighting alone against people hungry for money and success it’s a tough battle for one man. Although that battle he did win in the end. So if we really want everyone to learn anything real from it that actually can be applied in real life then minimize things and turn them around to black and white it’s just not gonna cut it.


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