Reduce & Save your Telco Bill using Low Data Mode on iPhone and iPad with Cellular

If you are using iPhone with iOS 13 (or above), good news for you. You now can reduce iPhone data usage and save your telco bill, simply by doing this simple steps – turning on Low Data Mode.

Low Data Mode

It’s a new feature introduced in iOS 13. Description from Apple is this, “Low Data Mode helps apps on your iPhone reduce their network data use”. I believe this feature is similar to Windows 10 Metered Connection (here is the article that covers it).

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Reduce data usage = Low Data Mode = Save Money!

Unfortunately at the time this article is written, Apple doesn’t really indicate and elaborate further what kind of reduction being made, how big will the reduction be and what’s the impact if the Low Data Mode is turned on. But not to worry, I shall update here once I get more clarity.

Enable Low Data Mode

Ensure you are on iOS 13 or up.

To enable Low Data Mode on Cellular Data Plan

1) Go to Settings, then Cellular.

2) Under Cellular, tap on Cellular Data Network.

iPhone low data mode on cellular ios
Low Data Mode on Cellular

3) Go and find Low Data Mode and turn it ON.

To enable Low Data Mode on Wi-Fi

The one reason you may want to do this is if your Wi-Fi connection has limited quota and bandwidth.

1) Go to Settings then Wi-Fi.

2) Under Wi-Fi, tap the (i) button next to the Wi-Fi connection you are connecting to

iPhone low data mode on wifi ios
Low Data Mode on Wi-Fi

3) Go and find Low Data Mode and turn it ON.

Bring it all together

I have tried turning on Low Data Mode ever since I’m using iOS 13 Public Beta and found out the feature, but unfortunately at this moment, I can’t really tell you the difference when I turned on and off this feature and how much I save, but let me observe more on this.

Anyway, if you have tried and found something interesting, do share it here on the comment section down below.

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One thought on “Reduce & Save your Telco Bill using Low Data Mode on iPhone and iPad with Cellular

  • September 25, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Thanks for sharing this – this is new to me. Lets see if this helps my telco bill too


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