Good & Bad of the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model & detailed spec comparisons with other existing Switch models

After quite some time hearing the rumors of Nintendo Switch Pro and after denying of the new model, finally Nintendo came out with surprise, revealing the new Nintendo Switch model: Nintendo Switch OLED model with new white-colored Joy-Cons and White-colored Dock! But is this new Nintendo Switch is the rumored “Pro” model? Check the article below to learn more.

  • This article shared the detail specs of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model and comparisons with the rest of Switch model.
  • This article also shared the common asked question: “Is this Switch OLED the rumored Switch PRO?”.
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What’s the new in Nintendo Switch OLED model

In case it isn’t obvious, the most noticeable new thing in Nintendo Switch OLED model is the use of OLED screen instead of normal LCD screen. Other than OLED, the new features of new Nintendo Switch OLED model but not so obvious one are these:

The GoodThe Bad
a) OLED Screen
b) 7 inch screen (the largest Switch screen to date)
c) New kickstand
d) New Nintendo Switch Dock with LAN Port
c) White-colored Joy-Cons
a) Pricey
b) Doesn’t have any exclusive games

For details of good and bad of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model and whether or not you should buy it, continue reading below.

Here’s the official Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer.

Is this Nintendo Switch OLED model the “PRO” model?

I guess this is the question that’s on top of pretty much everyone who have been waiting for the Pro model to come. But unfortunately, the answer may disappoint you. Depends on how you want to see it, but this is NOT the “PRO” model, but rather the enhance model. Let me explain why.

Game Boy Advance GBA family
GBA SP is enhancement to original GBA, just like today Nintendo Switch OLED is enhancement to Nintendo Switch – image courtesy of retrogamebuyer (

Back in the Nintendo GBA (Game Boy Advance) era. Nintendo came out with few iterations of Game Boy Advance. The original one, and the later model, called as GBA SP, with better screen. Other than the screen and the new form factor, both the original GBA and the GBA SP shared totally the same console spec.

However, moving on the the Nintendo 3DS era. Nintendo also came out with few iterations of Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS XL is the enhancements version with bigger screen, but there are also the PRO model with better specifications, labelled as “New” Nintendo 3DS. Due to its better spec, the 3DS “PRO” model even has library of games that can be run only on the “PRO” model, leaving the non-PRO model unable to play these “PRO”-made games.

nintendo switch recommended controller joycon alternative
Nintendo Switch OLED can play all existing Nintendo Switch games and vice versa – no exclusive games for Nintendo Switch OLED model

Back to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED model is more like when Nintendo enhanced GBA to GBA SP with better screen, but unlike 3DS to “New” 3DS which has better spec with exclusive games. So yeah, the new Nintendo Switch OLED model is not the rumored “PRO” model.

Full spec comparison of all Nintendo Switch Models

Here’s the full spec comparisons of all Nintendo Switch Models to date: The original Nintendo Switch vs New Nintendo Switch (2nd Gen) vs Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch OLED model.

ItemNintendo Switch
(1st Gen)
Nintendo Switch
(2nd Gen)
Nintendo Switch LiteNintendo Switch OLED Model
Release DateMarch 2017September 2019September 2019October 2021
Retail Price when released$299.99$299.99$199.99$349.99
Model NumberHAC-001HAC-001(-01)HDH-001TBA
Screen Size6.2″6.2″5.5″7″
Screen TypeLCD Touch ScreenLCD Touch ScreenLCD Touch ScreenOLED Touch Screen
Built-in Storage32GB32GB32GB64GB
External Storage
(Via MicroSD)
Up to 2TB (sold separately)Up to 2TB (sold separately)Up to 2TB (sold separately)Up to 2TB (sold separately)
Battery LifeApprox. 2.5 to 6.5 hoursApprox. 4.5 to 9 hoursApprox. 3 to 7 hoursApprox. 4.5 to 9 hours
WeightApprox. 0.88 lbs (0.39 KG)Approx. 0.88 lbs (0.39 KG)Approx. 0.93 lbs (0.42 KG)Approx. 0.61 lbs (0.27 KG)
Play Modesa) Handheld mode
b) Tabletop mode
c) TV mode
a) Handheld mode
b) Tabletop mode
c) TV mode
a) Handheld modea) Handheld mode
b) Tabletop mode
c) TV mode
Game CompatibilityAll Nintendo Switch gamesAll Nintendo Switch gamesNintendo Switch games that supports handheld modeAll Nintendo Switch games
Nintendo Switch Docka) USB-C Switch connector
b) 3x USB-A Port
c) AC adapter port
d) HDMI port
a) USB-C Switch connector
b) 3x USB-A Port
c) AC adapter port
d) HDMI port
NAa) USB-C Switch connector
b) 2x USB-A Port
c) AC adapter port
d) HDMI port
e) LAN port

All other specs, such as CPU, GPU and RAM are unfortunately the same as confirmed by Nintendo.

Is Nintendo Switch OLED model a good buy or good upgrade?

If you never own a Nintendo Switch before and / or has the extra money to enjoy the OLED screen, then go ahead buying the Nintendo Switch OLED model. This is the best model to enjoy the games on handheld mode.

However if you already own one and especially if you mostly play the Switch docked, then my recommendation would be better to save the money for something else.

So are you buying the Nintendo Switch OLED model? Let me know on the comment section down below. Cheers!

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