Pokemon Go: Level Up Hacks

So you’ve been playing Pokemon Go since it was first launched, but feel that your trainer level take so long to  level up?
Pokemon Go jilaxzone.com Pokemon level up hacks
Pokemon Go – Levelling Up
Well, here are some Pokemon Go levelling up hacks you can do without getting banned:

1. Spin All Pokestops you find

Yes, each Pokestop spin earns you 50 exp. Spin all Pokestops you can find.
Oh, do you know Pokestop refresh every 5 minutes – means that you can re-spin the Pokestops?
Once you spin the Pokestop, it will turned from blue to purple color. Wait for 5 minutes, it will turned back to blue. That’s when you can re-spin the Pokestop and earn another 50 exp.
The advantages of spinning all Pokestops you can find is that you’ve got plenty of Pokeballs on your bag which can be used for the next level up hacks.

2. Catch All Pokemon you find

Don’t be so picky. Catch any Pokemon you spotted. New or common one. For each Pokemon you catch, you earn 100 exp. If it’s a new Pokemon, you earn extra 500 exp.
Now, if you are a good Pokeball thrower, you may even earn extra exp from 10 to 100.
Throw a curve ball, earn extra 10 exp.
Nice throw, earn extra 10 exp.
Great throw, earn extra 50 exp.
Excellent throw, earn extra 100 exp.
So in total, 1 Pokemon (+100 exp), if it’s new Pokemon (+500 exp) and you can do both curve ball (+10 exp) and excellent throw (+100 exp), you will earn 700 exp! Repeat the hack and in no time you’ll get your trainer levelled up.

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3. Do Gym Battle Together not Alone

Some people like my wife, they avoid Pokemon gym at all cost. You might be the same too – avoiding gyms, pretend like it isn’t there or totally don’t care about its whereabouts. Reason is doing battle in gym is scary and your trainer level is not that high to compete with the gym owner. And your Pokemon are so-so.

And that’s where most of you get it wrongly.
Do gym battle together not alone. You can mix up with other team to attack the gym. Say the current gym is belong to blue team. Both red and yellow team can battle together to defeat the current blue team owning the gym. By attacking the gym together, it will be much easier for you to win the battle. The more people joining the battle, the easier it gets. If I’m not wrong, up to 5 people can join a gym battle together.
Here are the rewards of defeating the gym:
  • Level 1 gym ~ 1 Pokemon to defeat: will earn you 150 exp
  • Level 2 gym ~ 2 Pokemon to defeat: will earn you 250 exp
  • Level 3 gym ~ 3 Pokemon to defeat: will earn you 350 exp

The exp gained from gym battle is fully given without any splitting to all the winners regardless of the number of people joining the battle. So if you are battling a level 3 gym with 4 other people (total 5 people including you), at the end of the battle, if you win the game, 5 people will each get 350 exp.

Unlike Pokestop spin where you need to wait for about 5 minutes for it to refresh, gym battle you can do as many as you like without waiting, well as long as there are others owning the gym. Repeat this hack and in no time, get your trainer levelled up.

Oh, don’t forget to heal your Pokemon after each battle. Now my wife is always asking me to attack the gym together with her whenever we play and pass any Pokemon gyms.

 4. Use Lucky Egg

Do you know the use of lucky egg? It doubles your experience for as long as 30 minutes.

Use lucky egg to speed up your experience gaining. Most people, including you perhaps, use lucky egg in battle. Well, battle sometimes take 30 second to finish, but most of the times take 1 minute and more to finish, so using lucky egg on battle is not really effective way to spend it.

I, myself, am using it (lucky egg) for evolving the Pokemon. Each time you evolve a Pokemon – whatever Pokemon that is, you’ll get an extra 500 exp. If you use lucky egg, you’ll get 1000 exp instead.

Here’s the tricks on how to effectively use lucky egg:

a. Say, each time you evolve a Pokemon, it will need about 20-25 seconds (you tap on ‘Evolve’ then require to wait some animation). So 30 minutes lucky egg equals to 72-90 times of evolve chances.

b. So based on 72-90 times chances, collect all Pokemon with lowest candies needed to evolve. You don’t need powerful or rare Pokemon for this tricks, instead commonly spotted Pokemon such as Pidgey or Caterpie, they are the best catch, as they only require 12 candies to evolve. Catch as many as you can, whenever possible, catch them until your bag is full.

c. While catching them, do check your total candies. Make sure you have as many candies as you can. If you don’t have that many, convert your Pokemon into candies, by transferring them. If you want to maximise the output, that means you will require 12 candies x 72 times = 864 candies. Again, don’t focus on 1 Pokemon, catch as many Pokemon you can find, convert them into candies.

d. When you feel enough, start using lucky egg, and start evolving all your Pokemon. Do it over and over again, until 30-min lucky egg is finished.

See my result below. I just levelled up to level 20 on 6.59 AM.

Pokemon Go jilaxzone.com Pokemon level up hacks start the hack
Pokemon Go – Just level up to Level 20 at 6.59 AM

Then using lucky egg level up hack, I can level up to level 21 in just 24 minutes (from 6.59 AM to 7.23 AM)!

FYI, to get from level 20 to level 21, you need 50,000 exp and I can achieved that in just 24 minutes!

Pokemon Go jilaxzone.com Pokemon level up hacks complete the hack
Pokemon Go – Another level up to Level 21 at 7.23 AM


The Verdict

All the hacks that I shared with you, are the hacks that 100% guaranteed won’t get you a permanent ban and even can make your time playing Pokemon Go to be more fun and challenging.

What do you think? Do you have other hacks for levelling up Pokemon Go trainer other than what I have mentioned above? The one that won’t get you banned? Do share with us!

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