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Super Nintendo: Best 100 SFC & SNES Games of All Time, according to Reddit (Part 1 of 2)

There are 100 SNES best games of all times listed on this article that you must play before you die

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Best & Recommended settings to run Genshin Impact on Intel-based GPU PC

Playing Genshin Impact with Intel-based GPU PC? Well, why not?! Discover tweaks that enables running Genshin Impact comfortably on PC

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Amazon AWS Courses you can attend for FREE! (FREE! Ep. 30)

This article shall give you access to FREE Amazon AWS courses. There are 17 courses with plenty of sub-topics on

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Unlock your iPhone faster using shorter Passcode – Great option while wearing mask

Find out how you can set a shorter passcode on your iPhone. The method works also for iPad running iPadOS

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Accessories that lets you use wired headphone on smartphone without headphone jack. Works for Android and iPhone.

Still having your beloved wired headsets or wired headphones? And doesn’t want to invest in wireless headset? This is the

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Life Hack: Creating task list reminder using WhatsApp so you actually remember doing your task

Despite all the controversies, WhatsApp is still one of the most widely used messaging app in the world. This life

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Do this one thing before selling your Microsoft Surface Computers and Windows PC Laptop / Desktop

Thinking of selling your Microsoft Surface tablet / laptop or any Windows 10 PC – be it laptop or desktop?

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Here’s how to display Big Clock Widget on iPhone

Find out how you can set and show Big Clock Widget on your iPhone. The method works also for iPad

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Here’s how to permanently delete photos & videos from iPhone running latest iOS

Do you know that deleting photos and videos from iPhone won’t actually delete them? Someone else who has access to

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Console Quality Games Available on Android & iPhone you should play today

There are 75 best selected console-quality games listed on this article. Additional games may be added in the coming future.

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