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Turning iPad and iPhone as retro-gaming machine emulators! Psst! No Jailbreak needed.

Who say only Android can run emulators? iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad can run emulators too. Without jailbreak!

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Physical vs Digital for Gamers: Which side are you on? C’mon in, join the Poll.

To gamers and people who like to play games (PC, Console and Handhelds – sorry no mobile gamers here), which

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FREE! Ep 16: FREE Games! Android, iOS, PC & Nintendo Switch. Limited Period Only. Download link inside.

Who doesn’t love free stuffs? I do love them. Here are FREE stuffs for this episode. Enjoy! There are Android,

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Which iPhone supports Back Tap and How to use Back Tap on iOS 14 and up

Find out in this article iPhone model supports Back Tap Find out how to enable and disable Back Tap and

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Poorman’s Surface Duo: Same dual-screen mobile productivity, priced at tiny fraction of Microsoft Surface Duo [+Poll]

Microsoft has just released Surface Duo – Microsoft’s answer for mobile productivity. The flagship is priced at US$1,399. If you

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Official way to check the average HDB Rental Market Price for Renter & Homeowner | Singapore

Looking for a rental flat? Or looking for renting your flat? But don’t know the market price? C’mon in. When

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