Samsung Galaxy S21 Fake vs Real – Tips how to easily identify a fake one

This article detailed the easy-to-spot differences between the real Samsung Galaxy S21 series and the fake one so that you

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Ecosia: Browse the Internet & at the same time save the world

Ecosia is Google Search alternative for a good cause. World heroes, find out about Ecosia and why you should consider

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How to reuse old iPod & iPhone dock on your new iPhone & Android smartphone

Still having your beloved old iPod or iPhone speaker dock around the house? Using simple hack explained below, you can

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There’s retro-game emulator hiding inside Telegram Messenger. Here’s how to use it | Android | iPhone

Play various retro game consoles on your Android and iOS devices It’s less than 5 minutes to get your game

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Xiaomi: Non-aktifkan & Hapus Iklan dari MIUI 12 | Tidak diperlukan root atau Custom ROM

MIUI 12 adalah salah satu versi Android terbaik yang pernah ada. Namun sayangnya, di dalam MIUI 12 banyak sekali aplikasi

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Accessories that lets you use wired headphone on smartphone without headphone jack. Works for Android and iPhone.

Still having your beloved wired headsets or wired headphones? And doesn’t want to invest in wireless headset? This is the

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Life Hack: Creating task list reminder using WhatsApp so you actually remember doing your task

Despite all the controversies, WhatsApp is still one of the most widely used messaging app in the world. This life

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Console Quality Games Available on Android & iPhone you should play today

There are 75 best selected console-quality games listed on this article. Additional games may be added in the coming future.

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