It’s already December. What have you achieved so far? And What are you trying to achieve next year?

Time runs so fast and it will never go back – not unless someone find a time machine someday. And only when that day comes, only then we can go back in time to see the past, try to correct the wrong so that we can live more happily today in the present. What if time machine will never really exists? You and I may end-up regretting all the time we have wasted.
For me, it was quite plenty of time wasted because of being lazy, kept delaying and postponing for bunch of reasons and being ignorant to most of the things until I realized I shouldn’t keep doing these any longer. I have to change. I need to start making progress. I need to start achieving something so that I won’t regret someday if time machine will never really exists.

These are what I have personally achieved in 2016. What have you achieved so far?
Task completed.
When 2016 started, I pledged myself to do the following things:
  • to keep writing something at my blog,
  • to start earning passive income from my writings,
  • to finish the project I was on at work,
  • (idea coming later) to buy a domain and start a website/self-hosted blog,
  • to sell at least one item a day during weekdays,
  • (idea coming later) and to buy a property – condo perhaps – to stay and not renting anymore.
A bit of background, I am 30 years old now, currently an IT consultant working on a small-getting to medium size company in Singapore, holding a technical managerial position with about 10 awesome team members. Earlier this year, I was working on a project belongs to one of my company’s client, where the project was struggling to go live since there were quite many requirements missing and left behind, and for the same reason there were quite many project members leaving the project hence struggling to keep up with the pace and there were even more missing requirements since they were gone with the person leaving.
From 2014 until now I started my writing journey 🙂
Apart from my day to day work, I started writing on my blogs as early as 2014, while learning how to write a good article and share something to the world, I was and am hoping that someday, these blogs could replace my current source of income and become my passive income as inspired by Pat Flynn from Pat somehow open my eyes about passive income and how life can be so amazing with passive income and financial freedom.

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And together with my wife, with the reason last time our room was full of my no-longer-used gadgets and their accessories – because of my love affections to gadgets that kept me buying them while mostly used them for once or twice only – we started selling some of them online and somehow we learned that there are others like me – love affections with gadgets – or someone else who need certain gadgets or accessories, so today I even buy more gadgets and accessories, while the intention is to cure my curiosity, I can try them then sell them in the end. We learned we can make money by selling gadgets online so my wife and I ended up targeting to sell one item a day whatever that is, in a hope to get another stream of income and someday achieve financial freedom.
Now with that background, here’s what I have achieved as of today:
  • to keep writing something on my blog – as you can see, I am now writing this article
  • to start earning passive income from my writings, total earning from June 2014 until today is just US$15.85 from advertisement.
  •  to finish the project I was on at work – the project finally went live somewhere in August 2016.
  • to buy a domain and start a self-hosted blog – this is the result, bought and established on 7th July 2016
  • X to sell at least one item a day – well, although my wife and I haven’t reached our pledge target, but we are going there soon – I actively sell gadget accessories here at
  • X to buy a property so that I don’t need to rent any longer – turned out private property such as condo, is so damn expensive here in Singapore, thus postponing the idea and waiting to be eligible to buy a public housing instead
As you can see, not everything I plan and target, goes like what I want because of factors here and there. But one thing for sure is that I started doing them already. I did start taking the action. What about you? What were your plan and target when 2016 started? Do you have any? What have you achieved so far? How many of them? Did you start taking the action and execute the plan?

Next year is coming. And soon.
2016 is almost over!
With next year is just around the corner, have you had plan(s) or target(s) to achieve next year? I do have them already and you should too! Here are my plans and target that I would like to achieve next year:
  • to keep writing what I like and what I believe and share them to the world – so that one day I could remember how it was during the time I write the articles and hoping one day it could be my legacy
  • to continue find a way to earning passive income from my writings
  • to buy a property – public housing this time
  • to continue selling gadget and/or its accessories at least one item a day during working days
  • to explore the world together with my wife – so far I have been only to South East Asia’s countries and East Asia countries: Japan and South Korea. Next year probably start with somewhere south: Australia and its neighbouring countries

Big Plans Take Time and Actions

There was one time I spotted a bus with its body full of this advertisement from one of the local Bank here: Big plans take time, which made me think, it is indeed true. Whatever you plan or target you have today, may not 100% materialised directly at that moment you want it, sometime it could take few minutes, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, or even couple of years.

Something easy and small such as buying ice cream, you need to queue a few minutes to get your ice cream. Something bigger than just buying ice cream, such as opening a new Bank account, you may need to queue an hour to get your new Bank account opened.

Now something much and much bigger such as getting a passive income or buying house or exploring the world, they could take months and even couple of years to get them materialised. And they could materialised only if you start “queueing” for them. “Queueing”  here refers to actions taken. For getting the ice cream and opening a Bank account, the action needed is queueing. For getting a passive income stream, buying a house and exploring the world, it’s not enough to just queue, you need to do something for it: start a blog, start saving and start making itineraries. Without starting anything, a plan is just a plan, a target is just a target. They will never materialised. At the end of next year, these no-action-taken plans and targets will then be carried over to the next year without any progress.

Now the question is, have you started taking actions of whatever you are planning and targeting? Like I said, I did start mine.

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