New iPhone Running Out of Battery So Fast – Why and How to Fix it

So you are getting that new and flashy new iPhone, but feeling disappointed with its battery life. Here’s why your new iPhone battery sucks and how to fix it.
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Why iPhone Battery draining so fast?

There are plenty of reasons why your new iPhone battery draining so fast, apart from you actively playing with it – which is expected to have battery drained and I can’t help with it, such as opening Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platform, playing Clash Royale, watching YouTube, and many more; some of the apps, even after you are no longer using them, are actually actively running in the background and (keep) draining your battery. Other reason is poorly designed apps that in the end resulting in your iPhone battery get drained.
iPhone needs to be charged over and over again

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Here’s how to check which app hogging your battery

Since iOS 9 and above, you can check using the following method:
1. Open Settings > Battery
2. Wait for a while until it finish loading and shown all the apps that use the iPhone battery
3. On last 24 hours tab, you’ll see which apps are draining your iPhone battery for the last 24 hours
4. On last week tab, you’ll see the top apps draining for your iPhone battery for the last week.
If you are using iOS 8 and before, there’s no official way you can check which app(s) are the ones hogging your battery, but you can use and follow the tips below to fix your battery draining issue. Another thing to factor in, if you are iOS 8 and before, is that your iPhone’s battery could have been degraded – it has served your at least 2 years and plus, so it’s either you change to new iPhone or change the battery to a new one.

How to Fix Battery Draining Issue

If you are not really actively using your iPhone, but yet your iPhone battery is still decreasing, you may want to check tips below to fix your battery draining issue.

1. Kill the app(s) with background activity if you are no longer using it

iPhone Battery Draining Fix kill apps with background activity
iPhone Battery Draining Fix: Kill apps with background activity when no longer in use
Given the last 24 hours usage info (steps above), you can identify the app(s) and simply kill those app(s) that hogging your battery if you are no longer using it. You can, however, leave and spare apps without any background activities. They won’t do harm to your iPhone battery.

2. Find alternative more-battery-friendly app(s)

Say you like Facebook-ing so much and yet you know that is the top #1 battery draining app on your iPhone, in your case, find alternative app that can show you your Facebook account. If there isn’t any alternative, you may want to consider to use your browser instead the app.

3. Seven other fixes you can do

From switching off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use, to turning on low power mode, there are 7 other fixes you can do. Read here for details.

The Verdict

Hopefully tips above can solve your battery draining issue. If nothing really worked for you, consider contact Apple support to get your new iPhone inspected, it could be your iPhone has faulty battery.

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