iOS 11 is finally released for public review. Here’s how to try iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

So finally Apple released its iOS 11 to the public for testing purposes, gathering feedback and such.

Update 13th July 2017: Apple has released iOS 11 Public Beta 2. Check here to details on how to download and what fixes are provided in Public Beta 2.

Before proceeding to install, I have to warn you: this is not a final iOS 11 release from Apple but the first version of iOS 11 public beta. Should you choose to continue installing, you should know you may encounter bugs (I have encountered some of them and will listed them on my future post), performance decreases, something broken or not working.
iOS 11 public beta download and install
Apple iOS 11 Public Beta: Download and install

To convince yourself to try the iOS 11 public beta, do check here for iOS 11 new features you can try.

Wanted to know if your iOS device supports iOS 11 or not, do check here for the list of iOS 11-supported iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If turned out your iOS device does not support iOS 11, do check the link here to know more what will happen to your non-iOS-11 device.

Here’s steps needed to install iOS 11 public beta

Should you choose to continue proceeding to install, don’t worry, it’s not going to be troublesome, in fact it’s easy and most importantly these steps are official steps from Apple to try and install iOS 11 and it’s totally FREE. Do all these steps below directly from your iOS device. Here’s how to install iOS 11 public beta:
1. Register yourself as Public Beta Tester here. Link here:
Apple iOS 11 Register Public Beta
Apple iOS 11 Public Beta: Register Public Beta
2. As a safety measure, please always backup your data in case anything worse should happen.
3. Install a public beta profile on your iPhone. Go to this link on your iPhone or iOS devices. Then click “Download Profile”. Although you already have similar beta profile on your iOS device(s), you are still required to download the latest beta profile in order to be able to install iOS 11 public beta.
Apple iOS 11 Download Profile for Public Beta
Apple iOS 11 Public Beta: Download Profile
4. Once profile has been installed to your iOS device, it will prompt you to restart. Restart the phone.

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5. Once restarted, if not prompted to download and install iOS 11, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You should find iOS 11 public beta info there.
6. Tap on “Download and Install” to download it and proceed to install after that.
7. Wait until it finishes downloading the iOS 11 public beta and installing. The size is about 2.2GB. Once installed, it will restart your iOS device and that’s it. You are ready with iOS 11 public beta.

How you can help improve iOS 11

Once you have installed iOS 11 public beta, you will see additional 1 icon in purple color with exclamation mark on the icon, having label (or name) “Feedback” on your iOS 11 menu.

The Feedback app is used by public beta testers to submit their findings.
So in case you spot a bug, performance decreases or anything unusual or unexpected, do open the app and submit your finding.
Alternatively, you can put it on comment section below, I’ll compile and send it to Feedback app.

So iOS 11…

Are you going to install iOS 11 public beta on your iOS device(s)?Will you install it just for the sake of your curiosity or to participate as public beta tester and submit feedback for any bugs found?
Leave your comments and thoughts about iOS 11 public beta on comment section below. I, myself, installed the iOS 11 public beta for both above reasons.

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