7 Things Getting Yourself Ready for 2018

2018 is coming! Faster than you thought!
Today we enter December 2017 already. As we all know, December is the final month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. While most countries (which are using Gregorian calendar) are getting ready for new year events, what about yourself? What kind of preparation you have made (or planning to make) to celebrate the coming year 2018?
2018 target jilaxzone.com 2018 is coming
Get yourself ready for 2018 – 2018 is coming!

These are 7 things to prepare to get ready for the coming year 2018.

1. Set targets.

Set targets of all the things you want to achieve in 2018.
Everybody does this. So do you. List down all the targets you want to achieve on 2018. Also includes targets you so far didn’t manage to complete in 2017, bring them as carry forward items rather then just forgetting them and putting them in the trash bin. For me, any delay in achieving the target is still far more better rather than putting them into trash bin aka nothing.
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Set Targets

2. Do Evaluation.

What went wrong this year, what went right this year.
Everybody makes mistakes. So do I and so are you. We are human anyway who are prone to mistakes. Do evaluate things that went wrong or sideways this year so that next year you may come with better alternatives to make them right as per your expectations. Do also evaluates things that went right and as per your expectation. Find out what made those things right and as per your expectation. Do the same actions to things that went wrong this year for next year.

Get yourself ready for 2018 – Evalulate what went wrong and what went right

3. List things to improve.

Of all things that went wrong and especially things that went right this year, list any of them which you can improve, so that next year you can even get better outcome.
Get yourself ready for 2018 - Improve and level up
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Improve and level up

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4. Get Healthy – plan to reduce sugar and salt and fat.

2018 target jilaxzone.com get healthy
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Live a healthier life
Have you started your pledge to live a healthier life? If you haven’t, now it’s the perfect time to start. Don’t delay it any longer. Getting healthy (or healthier) is easy. Don’t think too much. Start with something small, something like, spend a couple of minutes each day to walk instead of taking lift/elevator. Reduce your salt and sugar intake bit by bit. Do these each and everyday and make it a habit. Trust me, your body will crave for it the moment you can make it as your daily routine and habit.

5. Save and Invest.

2018 target jilaxzone.com save and start invest
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Start Saving and Investing – no matter how small that is – make them habit!
If you live paycheck by paycheck then you should consider putting saving and investment as part of things to improve (point #3 above).
Look around you, the stuffs that you bought. Do you make use of everything? Are there things that you have bought but until today, you even never touch them or use them? Start to reduce buying things that are not really necessary for you – just because they are at discounted price. Not only it helps you with your savings, but also helps you to de-clutter your space (house/desk) and mind.
If one of your target (point #1 above) is to buy <anything here>, then start saving and start small, while trying to make saving money as your habit.
spend less to never runs out of money jilaxzone.com
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Save and Start Investing
Same goes to investment, if one of your targets (point #1 above) is to retire early or plan to retire financially independent, then you should start consider to save and invest.
Don’t know where to start to invest? Nowadays there are so many ways to learn: YouTube, Wikipedia, Podcast – which all of them are free. Take your time to learn what kind of investment options available out there and what are the best suits your needs. Always start small and make it habit.

6. Go for Relationship.

2018 target jilaxzone.com get into relationship
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Start build your relationship – with family, friends, anyone
Have you spend enough time with your family and friends? If you haven’t had enough spent time with them this year, then next year, try to spend more time with them. By having target set for 2018, evaluation result what went wrong and right and things to improve (point #1, #2 and #3) above, by right you should have more time to spend with. Instead of chit-chatting via messenger, do arrange a meetup and talk physically with them.

7. Do Time management.

Last but not least is time management. As we all know, there is no time machine invented today. So no matter how rich and wealthy you are, you cannot use your money to go back in time (yet!).
So make use of your available time carefully. Just to emphasize, everyone has equally 24 hours a day – be it Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or be it YOU yourself!
Get yourself ready for 2018 – Everybody has 24 hours a day
Now if you are following the news lately, Jeff Bezos – founder and owner of Amazon.com – the biggest online retailer in the world – with his 24 hour time – which we equally all have – he can surpass what everybody – like us – can only dream for. He just crowned to be the most richest guy in the world and the first guy to reach 100 billion in net worth. That’s 100,000,000,000 – or 1 follow by 11 zeros.
Question is, why Jeff Bezos can do it, while you can’t do it? The answer lies back to the time management and to factor in all other 6 items above (target, evaluations, things to improve, healthy, savings and relationship).
The secret of getting rich and wealthy jilaxzone.com they can do it i can do it you can do it too
Get yourself ready for 2018 – They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too!
Start doing proper time management today. Eliminate things that are distracting you. If Facebook is taking too much of your time without giving you any benefit, consider stop using Facebook. If watching YouTube is taking too much of your time without giving you any inspiration to start making something out of it (make your own YouTube videos and channel, or learn something new) and just for fun, consider reduce using it. Put to use of your available time to do something better and something bigger for your own better and bigger future.

2018, here I come!

Those are my getting ready list for welcoming year 2018. Hope the same getting ready list can be useful or at least inspired you. Do you have your own list? Do list them on comment section down below. Cheers!

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