Make Your Own PRODUCT RED iPhone – Here’s How.

Did you know that Apple recently released another Special Edition PRODUCT RED iPhone?
Well, in case you don’t know yet, head to Apple website now (image above is the screenshot taken from Apple website as of 11th April 2018).
Following a considered-success Special Edition PRODUCT RED iPhone release last year with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and considering iPhone sales this year – 2018 – which is not good enough, Apple is making a comeback for the series in hope to boost the sales. This time with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
Unfortunately if you are looking for Special Edition PRODUCT RED iPhone X, you’ll get disappointed because Apple didn’t make one.
Jealous with the fancy red color but don’t really have budget to buy one?
Don’t get disappointed or jealous! Either iPhone X or all other iPhone (whatever existing iPhone you have with you: be it iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 or before), you can turn your iPhone into a Special Edition PRODUCT RED the easy and cheap way plus not painful to your pocket nor to your iPhone – no need to tear open the iPhone!

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Here’s how to turn any iPhone into Special Edition PRODUCT RED

You don’t need to fork out your pocket that deep for doing this as there’s an easy way to convert any iPhone to be Special Edition PRODUCT RED.
As long as you have the iPhone with you, and with just about $5-$30 – depends on where you buy and which model and brand, you can turn your existing iPhone into Special Edition PRODUCT RED iPhone by using stickers, wraps or skins.
I’m currently using iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black.
Here’s mine before – it’s just like normal iPhone 7 Plus.
iPhone before Special Edition Product Red
My iPhone before the conversion to Special Edition PRODUCT RED
Here’s mine after – now my iPhone looks different and fancy!
iPhone after converted to Special Edition Product Red
My iPhone after the conversion to Special Edition PRODUCT RED – Looks great and looks like a new iPhone!
And this is the iPhone skin I’m using.
iPhone Skin Red color
The “Skin” or Wrap or sticker I used to convert my iPhone to be Special Edition PRODUCT RED iPhone
Looks good? For sure it is. While it won’t look as good as the real iPhone 8 PRODUCT RED, but I got the feeling to have one.
In case you are interested, these are various links you can find and buy the sticker. You can also contact your local retailer to see if they have one for you.
Amazon link

Another iPhone skins provider.

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