iOS 12 Final Version Should Be Released Pretty Soon but If You Can’t Wait Here’s How to Install It Now

Apple finally announced the upcoming iPhone event we all have been waiting for. Yes, it’s happening on 12th September 2018 10.00 am PST at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park Campus.

Apple iPhone event 2018
Apple iPhone event 2018 logo

However at around the same timing (does it even relate?) today I keep getting this pop-up telling that there’s new iOS 12 update available and I should update from iOS 12 beta. It’s kind of annoying, because the pop-up keep coming back when I turn on and unlock my iPhone. For those who are using iOS 12 beta or public beta, are you getting the same pop-ups?

iOS 12 Final Version Coming?

Does it mean the final version iOS 12 is coming and very soon? Because I have been checking a few times since morning under Settings, then General then Software Update and get nothing.

Apple iOS 12 up to date
I check the Software Update but no update to iOS 12 Final Version appearing

When iOS 12 Final Version will be Released, Historically speaking?

Historically speaking, for iOS 11, the final version was launched on 19th September 2017, one week after the iPhone X event held on 12th September 2017.

For iOS 12 case however, the notification is sent today though likely the final version of iOS 12 shall be released only on 19th September 2018, following last year pattern – since the iPhone announcement also following last year pattern – this year is happening on 12th September 2018.

So is iOS 12 GM (aka Gold Master aka Final Version) really coming soon before even this year Apple iPhone event or is it just a bug/mistake Apple made?

What do you think? Do give comments and thoughts down below on comment section.

Are you not in iOS 12 yet? Install now for FREE.

install iOS 12 Beta download link
Get yourself ready to install iOS 12 – Image courtesy of

​At the time this article is written, iOS 12 is still Public Beta status, however to me so far it’s buttery smooth. If you want to be the early adopter, you can follow the steps mentioned here to install iOS 12 early on your iOS devices.

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