5G Common Misunderstanding – between 5G Home vs 5G Mobile

When I say 5G Home, I’m referring to 5G you see at your home’s Wi-Fi router.

While for 5G Mobile, I’m referring to 5G network many countries are racing to implement it. Confused? You are not alone. This article will hopefully help you to know the distinction between the 2 technologies.

What people commonly wrong about 5G

When one ask about 5G either to you or to people around you, likely you/they will tell, “Why all people go crazy for this 5G? Why only today Donald Trump is making noise of 5G, bannning Huawei and encouraging America, that this is a race America has to win? All this while at home you have already has, seen, run and used 5G Technology since 3-5 years ago”.

Does that sound familiar to you?

5G Home vs 5G Mobile – The differences

You are not wrong if you tell people you already have 5G at home on your wireless router because in fact the name is pretty much similar – blame the manufacturers and 3GPP consortium if you get confused with the jargons. The 5G you found at home on your wireless router is actually stands for 5GHz – the wireless router runs on 5GHz spectrum.

The 5G the world is now going crazy for, hyping for and what Trump said America should win the race (I’ll make it short by referring it to just 5G Mobile) refers to the 5th generation wireless telecommunication technology.

You may have seen before 4G LTE or 3G (HSPA/HSUPA/HSDPA) label somewhere on your phone (in fact without you noticing, you have been using it quite sometime), that’s referring to: 4G as 4th Generation wireless telecommunication technology, while you guess it, 3G is the 3rd generation wireless telecommunication technology.

Now, 5G is the real successor of 4G. Or in Game of Throne language, 5G is the heir to the throne.

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Do you know that 5G theoretically has 20 Gbit/s speed? Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Read here for details of 5G specs and speed and speed comparisons with 4G, 3G, 2G and even 1G.

5G is NOT for mobile only.

Though I use the term 5G Mobile, that doesn’t mean 5G technology are for smartphones only. 5G is bigger than just a technology for smartphones. The consortium is aiming 5G to also powers the next generation breakthrough: connected autonomous cars, IoT devices, sensors, remotely controlled robots and many others.

Hope now you can tell the difference between the two: 5G at wireless router vs 5G telecommunication standard, the 4G successor.

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