Singtel GOMO: How to enable Data Roaming on GOMO

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Using SingTel Gomo and plan going overseas? Just in case you don’t know (or you know but not sure), Gomo has data roaming add-on. On this article, I’m going to walk you through the step by step how you can subscribe to Gomo data roaming plan so that you can still “online” while you are overseas.

Here’s how you can add data roaming to your SingTel Gomo easily

Do the following steps on the day you are going overseas or D-1.

Step 1) Ensure you have Gomo App

First you must have Gomo app installed on your phone. In case you don’t have it installed, use the following link to get it installed.

Apple App StoreGOMO Singapore App for iOS
Google Play StoreGOMO Singapore App for Android
Alternative app download link

Step 2) Go to Add-Ons

gomo roaming destination
SingTel GOMO: tap “Add-Ons” for Roaming Data Plan

Inside Gomo app, tap on “Add-ons” menu.

Step 3) Choose your roaming destination

Either you go to neighbooring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines or go somewhere else worldwide, choose the proper and correct one for you since different countries have different offerring and one countries may have multiple offerrings.

Once you find the correct one for you, tap on the $ button (E.g. $5).

Step 4) Confirm when the roaming start

After you press the $ button, you will be prompted with your selected destionation and roaming package, then you’ll need to select to either start the roaming today or tomorrow.

gomo roaming subscription
SingTel GOMO: Confirm when the roaming start, either today or tomorrow.

This is the reason why you need to do these steps adding roaming only on the day you are going or D-1.

Step 5) Confirm payment

Either you choose to start roaming data plan today or tomorrow, you’ll then be prompted to confirm the payment. Tap on the “Pay” button.

You’ll then be notified with “Request received. You will receive a SMS within the next 15 minutes to confirm that the purchase is successful”. Tap on “OK, got it”.

Step 6) Check the SMS

Within the next 15 minutes or so, if your payment is successful, you should get the following SMS: “<GOMO> You’re all set to travel to <your choice> with <X GB data> from <date> to <date>”.

Step 7) Enable Data Roaming on your phone

Only when you have received the SMS from Gomo, then you turn on data roaming on your phone.

iPhone low data mode on cellular ios
Enable “Data Roaming” on your phone to be able using Internet overseas.

Depending on your phone brand and version, the steps to turn on data roaming could be slightly different, but as the general guidelines, here they are:

On Android (test on Google Pixel 3 running on Android 12):
a) Go to Settings > Network & internet > SIMs.
b) Turn on “Roaming”.
On iPhone (tested on iPhone XR running on iOS 16):
a) Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options.
b) Turn on “Data Roaming”.

That’s it. Once you have enabled data roaming, then you are good to go. You should now be able to browse and connect to the Internet while you are abroad.


For those who care, Gomo data roaming plan will be charged directly and it won’t reflect to your next monthly billing.
In fact, Gomo will just sent you a message (SMS) telling “You’re all set to travel to <your choice> with <X GB data> from <date> to <date>”.

Bring it all together

You just learned how to add data roaming plan to your SingTel Gomo! Easy isn’t it? In case you have queries or encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask as I’ll be happy to assist. Use the comment section down below to place your queries/questions.

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