Genshin Impact: Here’s how you can play the game on unsupported iPhone & iPad models (such as iPhone 7 or before)

The same tweaks you also works for older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models. Genshin Impact is one of the

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Apple One vs Google One: Differences & Recommendations

Get to know the differences between Apple One & Google One Head to the bottom of article to get recommendation

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Shoot RAW photos without paying the iPhone Pro price

Doesn’t have US$999 to spend on new iPhone Pro? Then consider doing this to enable your existing iPhone to shoot

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Here’s how to enable shoot RAW Photos on iPhone

Apple is officially brining RAW photography to its iPhone Check out below how to setup your iPhone and how your

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How to pair & use PS5 DualSense Controller on your iPhone, iPad and iOS devices

Now you can connect your PS5 DualSense Controller to your iPhone or iPad. Ensure you are on iOS & iPadOS

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Apple iPhone 12 Fake vs Real. Tips to easily identify a fake one (Applicable for iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max too)

This guide is applicable to all iPhone 12 families, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone

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How to install & run iPhone / iPad apps and games on Apple Silicon Mac & Macbook running latest macOS

One of many advantages of the new Mac and Macbook running with new Apple Silicon chip, apart from performance and

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Here’s how running game emulator on iPhone & iPad without jailbreak & installing: Retro Games Emulator

Playing retro games directly from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. No jailbreak required nor installation required. How good

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Is iPhone 12 Pro Max worth it? Don’t buy before knowing this fact: iPhone 12 Mini has better spec than iPhone 12 Pro Max

Surprising fact: the most expensive iPhone 12 model – the iPhone 12 Pro Max – has the lowest spec than

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