iPhone Tips: Changing Default Search Engine on Safari from Google into other search engine

Learn how to change Safari default search engine from Google into some other search engine with these simple steps. For

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How to remove flashlight & camera icons from iPhone Lock Screen – workarounds work for all iPhone models with Face ID

Get to know the reasons why flashlight or camera are getting activated randomly while the iPhone is in your pocket.

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Fix for “(null) is Using Camera Access to Control Connected Cameras” | iPhone | iOS 14

Find out how to fix the annoying “(null) is Using Camera Access to Control Connected Cameras” error. For other interesting

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Here’s how to permanently delete photos & videos from iPhone running latest iOS

Do you know that deleting photos and videos from iPhone won’t actually delete them? Someone else who has access to

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iPhone Tips: Always showing Desktop Website when browsing with Safari

Learn how to always show website page in Desktop version so intead of seeing the mobile version of the website

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Dual SIM iPhone: How to switch between mobile data plans

Learn how to switch between mobile / cellular data plans on Dual SIM iPhone – to maximize its capabilities. Get

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iPhone: How to enable Trackpad / Cursor on iOS Keyboard

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has trackbar / cursor built-in since iOS 12. On this article, you’ll learn how to

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Working iOS Reminders Bug Fix – works for iOS 13 & iOS 14

Now iOS 14 and Apple still haven’t resolved yet the Reminders bug/issue. It’s all started back last year when Apple

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Easy workaround to stop apps from copying iOS clipboard – Works for all iOS version

Since Apple released iOS 14 to Beta developer, TikTok was caught red-handed to copying iOS clipboard, and recently LinkedIn was

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