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iPhone Tips: How to stop battery drain issue due to app background activity

Simple tweaks and fixes to stop iPhone battery draining issue due to Apps Background Activity. Your iPhone keeps draining its

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Beginner’s guide to install Raspberry Pi OS on VM inside your Computer

Simulating Raspberry Pi on your existing Computer. No purchase of actual Raspberry Pi hardware required. Either Raspberry Pi is out

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iPhone Tips: The simplest way to create Custom App Icon without getting pop-up notification

Fancy for custom app icons on your iPhone but doesn’t like the popup? You are on the right page. Since

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Beginner’s guide to download, install and run Batocera from USB Stick – Play retro games from thumb drive or MicroSD card

Turn your thumb drive, MicroSD Card or other USB stick into a retro game console when plugged into any computer!

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Apple iPhone SE 3 Fake vs Real – Tips to easily identify a fake one

iPhone SE 3 is also known/called/referred as iPhone SE 3rd Generation or iPhone SE (2022). For people who love using

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How to remove emoji, globe and microphone icons on your iPhone keyboard for simpler look and feel

Simpler, leaner and cleaner iPhone keyboard, why not?! Want your iPhone keyboard to look much more simple, leaner and cleaner?

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