7 (Fun) Facts About South Korea

 Hi..Hi, long time no see! I’ve been visiting South Korea these past few days and here’s the fun facts I found during my holiday trip to the ginseng country:

1. Every Korea Restaurant comes with FREE drink

Ordering drink in Korea restaurant (not bar or pub) is not a must since every Korean restaurant comes with FREE plain water (hot and cold) drink. All you need to do is just grab an empty cup stored in one of the cupboard then fill the cup with the water from the dispenser.
That is me and 5 plates of side dishes plus 3 types of chilis!

2. Every Korean Restaurant comes with FREE side dish(es)

When you enter a Korean-based restaurant, you’ll find at least Kimchi-based side dish given to you when you order your food. Usually either in a more traditional restaurant or in more luxury restaurant, they can even serve you with 7 types of side dishes, all for FREE. In certain restaurants, you can even grab and top them up yourself.

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3. South Korea is Right-hand Traffic

Unlike other Asian countries I have visited, South Koreans are driving on the right side of the road with driver sits on the left hand side of the vehicle. Do take note for those who wants to rent a car in South Korea.
South Korea driving on the right hand side of the road

4. LG is a telecommunication operator

LG, as the world knows for its handphones, is a telecommunication operator in South Korea. It’s called LG U+.

5. Naver not Google

When it comes to search engine, Google is not big name in South Korea, most of them I encountered during my visit are using Naver – South Korean based company that own Line messenger which popularize stickers.

6. iPhone vs Samsung and LG

When it comes to handphone brand to use, surprisingly I spotted many people are using iPhone, while Samsung is the second most spotted phones and LG is the least brand I spotted. Disclaimer: I visited Sokcho and tourist-area in Seoul such as Myeongdong, Hongik University, so what I said here could be a bit bias.

7. EU-based plug and 220 volt

When you plan to visit South Korea, do brings adapter for your electrical usage there since they are using EU-based plug (2 round pins). Do take note, South Korea is using 220 volt based electricity voltage. If you are coming from a 110-volt countries, do bring a step-up adaptor with you.
2 round pins EU Plug and 220 volt


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