iOS 11 New Features and The Ultimate Know-How in 1-minute reading

There are hundreds if not thousands sites and videos showing off iOS 11 new features. But in case you haven’t got a chance to see any of them, be it you don’t have time to see them or you don’t have the bandwidth to see those videos or you just lazy to spend time to read lengthy articles, here are the iOS 11 new features and ultimate know-how around iOS 11 for just 1 minute reading.

Apple iOS 11
iOS 11. A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad. Image courtesy of
Q: What are the main highlights and features of iOS 11?
A: These are sequence from the most anticipated one to the not-so-important ones
iOS 11 has QuickType keyboard so now you can type with one hand only.
iOS 11 has drag and drop feature. Moving files between apps will never be the same.
iOS 11 has new Files app. It’s like Finder in Mac OS or Windows Explorer in Windows.
iOS 11 has advance multitasking (iPad Pro only).
iOS 11 has new dock feature, now it’s more like dock in Mac OS (iPad only)
iOS 11 has new centralized 1 page Control Center. No more swiping left or right.
iOS 11 now giving you shortcut to install add-on and stickers for iMessage.
iOS 11 has built-in screen recording feature. Now it’s easier for YouTubers to record gameplay to share to the world.
iOS 11 lets you take screenshot and directly edit the screenshot taken without going to photo.
iOS 11 has automatic setup. Setup your new device with just scan your existing iOS device.
iOS 11 has new compression method to store your photos. So same iPhone you are holding but now can store more photos with even better quality.
iOS 11 now lets you edit Live photos.
iOS 11 has offload app feature where you can delete the app without afraid losing the data inside the app. Next time you are reinstalling the app, you can straight away start from where you left off last time.
iOS 11 has a brand new App Store design and look. Aim to give you better app and games suggestions.
iOS 11 makes it easier to pay friends, just send them message.
iOS 11 Notes app now able to scan your documents and create table.
iOS 11 makes it easier for you to connect WiFi, just scan using QR code scanner built-into the stock Camera app.
iOS 11 has ARKit – The gateway for Apple to do anything Augmented Reality.
iOS 11 has new do not disturb mode when you are driving so you won’t get distracted with notifications. Safer for the driver.
iOS 11 will come with more enhanced Siri. It will able help you to translate foreign words or statement, giving better suggestion to you. And Siri will have new looks in iOS 11.
iOS 11 has AirPlay 2. Now you can stream music to all of your speakers at the same time.
iOS 11 lets you control your Apple TV with its new Apple TV remote app.
iOS 11 text, especially title or section name is bigger and bolder
iOS 11 notification center now change to swipe up instead of swipe down.
iOS 11 dock will not have any label/text describing the apps name.
iOS 11 cellular info will show bars instead of dots.
iOS 11 will runs on entirely 64 bit, nothing really changed from user side.

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Q: What are devices supporting iOS 11:
A: These are the official list from Apple.
iPhone iPad iPod Touch
iPhone 7 iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd gen iPod Touch 6th gen
iPhone 7 Plus iPad Pro 12.9 inch 1st gen
iPhone 6S iPad Pro 10.5 inch
iPhone 6S Plus iPad Pro 9.7 inch
iPhone 6 iPad Air 2
iPhone 6 Plus iPad Air
iPhone SE iPad 5th gen
iPhone 5S iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 2


Q: My devices are not listed, how can I get iOS 11?
A: Do check here.
Q: When iOS 11 final will be released?
A: Fall 2017. Expect it somewhere September 2017.
Q: Is there a way to try iOS 11 now before it release?
A: Yes you can. Here’s how you can try it before it release.
Q: How to upgrade to iOS 11 when it finally released later?
A: Apple will send pop-up notification to your iOS devices when iOS 11 finally available for public to download.

What other features you are expecting in iOS 11?

So what do you think about iOS 11 and its new features. Are they compelling enough for you? Do you think there’s still something missing from iOS 11 which you require and Apple should add it in? iOS today is getting more and more “blend-in”, adopting desktop OS functionalities but that’s the good thing about Apple, they just don’t adopt it straight away, but make it always mobile first, good performance yet great battery life and as user friendly as possible.
I think feature-wise iOS 11 is going to be great, although there’s still a few features I’m expecting iOS can do it such as renaming and resizing photos as I need those features to enable me to post blog posting (such as writing this article) directly from iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) without the help from computer (in which today I still need a computer help to resize and rename photos).
Do give your thoughts and/or comments on comment section below.


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