My first post ever created and published on mobile device 📱

All this time, all my blog posts, although they are prepared on mobile (I wrote the idea then continue with the high level drafts and details – all is done on my iPhone Notes) but in the end when it comes to finalizing, giving final touch – such as adding pictures, tables, charts, giving proper heading and layout – and publishing, I still did it with the help of computer, mainly because using mobile, it still doesn’t have the capability and/or easy way to do it – say, to convert pictures to smaller size, there’s no way I can do it on my iPhone, not sure about Android.

No Computer Allowed

❌ No more computer!

However, that about to change as I am going to embrace myself – and hopefully embrace others – to go full mobile, which means starting from the preparation till publishing shall be done on mobile. And this will be my first post to be fully done on mobile.

Main reason is that, there are certain times I was away from computer – mainly during travelling and/or vacation. While nowadays full-blown laptops (such as Microsoft Surface or Macbook) are getting smaller an thinner in size, but the bandwidth a laptop use most of the times made a headache to me – especially if I am travelling to a place where Internet bandwidth is not so good, where most of the local people are rely on their mobile phones to do whatever needs to be done online. There are also times even during commuting I need to publish something – although this may not make sense to you – but it’s really true and happening – sometimes I just discover something and I just want to be the first and the fastest to publish it for the sake of being the first. And during commuting, it’s just a huge uncomfortable for me to open a laptop – especially if it’s peak commuting time where train or busses are jam-packed with people. Even if they (public transports) are not jam-packed, imagining the processes where I would need to first take out my laptop from the bag, boot it up and tether it with my phone – are turning me down already which in the end I end up don’t write/publish anything.

Here we go – my first ever post, created and published all from mobile device💪

Let’s stop grumbling and complaining as today I will publish this post and make it my first fully mobile-created post that likely change my life forever – I won’t be dependent anymore with computers.

We’ll see how good is this post after posted and published online. Here we go, embracing the mobile-first world!

Do comment what do you think about going full mobile? Do you like the idea or do you think I am way to overcomplicate myself? Give your thoughts and comments on comment section below. Cheers!

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