iOS Text Replacement – a handy Keyboard Shortcut for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

There are times when you are so occupied with things so even to type a few words on your iPhone keyboard or iOS keyboard seem like a big hurdles. For example, while you are driving and you really need to reply that message. Or like me, during delivering food to customer place, I really need to send the message to customer asking their floor number and unit number while at the same time due to chasing time, I can’t really stop cycling.

Well, since the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has built-in text replacement feature into iOS.

What is exactly iOS Text Replacement?

It’s a keyboard shortcut basically. You just need to type one word out of it then your full text will be typed automatically.
Try to type omw on your iOS keyboard now. It will be magically expanded to On my way!

Don’t be surprised though. Apple has some few keyboard shortcuts prepared and ready for you.

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Setup/add/delete keyboard shortcut aka Text Replacement on iOS

How To Setup Text Replacement on iOS
To configure your iOS keyboard shortcut on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, do the following:
1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
To add:
2. On Text Replacement screen, Tap on the + button located on top right of the iOS screen.
iOS Text Replacement add new keyboard shortcut
iOS Text Replacement: Add new keyboard shortcut
3. Key in the phrase. Eg: On my way!
4. Key in the shortcut. Eg: omw
5. Tap on Save when you are done.
6. Redo step #2-5 for additional keyboard shortcut
To delete:
7. On Text Replacement screen, pick and choose keyboard shortcut you want to remove.
iOS Text Replacement delete keyboard shortcut
iOS Text Replacement: Delete keyboard shortcut
8. Slide to the left so that Delete button appear
9. Tap on it to delete
10. Redo step #7-9 for additional keyboard shortcut you are no longer using and want to delete

Bring It All Together

Now typing in iOS seems so much easier with this Text Replacement feature. Either you are busy and hardly able to type the full common words or just lazy to type the full words, iOS text replacement sure is handy and considered a life saver.
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