Today is a Good day or Bad day: It’s totally up to YOU!

And I mean it. It’s really and totally up to YOU!
Today I woke up with a little bit of headache and the day seemed to be a bad day for me. Well, at least until I chose and decided to make it to be another good days of mine – thus I decided to write and share this post. I woke up this morning – just like the usual – at 5.30am. However instead of writing a post to be shared at my website, I continued to sleep until about 7am trying to get rid of my headache. Woke up 7am and the headache was still there. So I was thinking today was not a good day for me to write a post nor it was good for me to go to work. But finally after doing some of rituals – which I shared below – I can convince myself to get up and go to work.
turn your bad day into a good day or great day
Does your day today look like this? Messy, falling apart, stucked and haywire
Like me due to headache, turning my day to be a bad day, there are plenty of reasons why you are having a bad day, from stress at work, lack of sleep, getting emotional about certain things to something that sometimes doesn’t really make sense – but still you are pissed off because of it. But like me, you, too, can choose and decide to change that bad day of yours become good or even great day.

7 Tips to change bad day become good day

Here are 7 tips, rituals which I normally do – which you can do as well – to change what seems to be a bad day become a good one.

1. Take a deep breath.

Repeat for a few times until you feel relax and calm.

2. Drink plenty of plain water.

Especially the moment you wake up every morning. Enjoy each slug that goes to your throat.

3. Meditate or pray.

Find a quiet place so that you can either meditate, pray or just do nothing to give your brain a reset to think today is not a bad day. It’s just you are not ready for it.

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4. Always think positive.

Or at least try to find the positive from all those bad things happening to you. From every events, though it seemed like a bad one, but there’s always a good thing can be learned out of it. Alternatively think about all the good things that ever happened to you.

5. Dump that emotional feelings.

If you are thinking having a bad day because of someone scolding you, and you are angry with that guy, dump it off. He must have scolded you due to some reasons. Rather than getting emotional, best if you can find out what went wrong and try to fix the situation.

6. Talk it out.

Either with spouse, or friends. But do not gossiping. Sometimes what you need is just a pair of ears to listen to your complaints so you feel relieved.

7. Last is to think about your target(s) and what you are trying to achieve today and in the long term.

It could help you boost your day and your thoughts that today is not a bad day. Because (for example) if the reason you are having a bad day due to getting scolded, and each time you are getting scolded you feel like the world is about to end and do nothing to improve the situation, it’s very likely you won’t achieve whatever your targets are and in long term, you will miss so many chances.


Do take rest and/or take medicine if you are feeling unwell.

Do not force your body so hard. but don’t let sickness turn your day into a bad day. Take the medicine, get enough rest so that you can start your day much better. For me, better late than nothing.
To avoid wasting my day, I took that aspirin and get additional 1.5 hours rest so that I can start my day better, though it’s kind of late from my normal schedule.

Bring It All Together.

The secret of getting rich and wealthy they can do it i can do it you can do it too
They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too!
So whether you want to make today to be a good day, bad day or great day, it’s all in your head, mind and attitudes. And since your head, mind and attitudes are all belong to you, so it’s up to you to decide.
Like today, I chose today to be another good day like yesterday and many days before it. What about YOU?
Life is too short and precious to always end up having a bad day. So cheer up and have yourself a good day!

If Tony Robbins can do it, I can do it, you can do it too!


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