Who Still Read Newspaper These Days?

Apart from those who are not into technology like probably our grand parents, who else these days need and read newspaper? Is there any of you who still consume it on regular basis?
While there are still plenty of people who read physical books compared to a digital one and likely the reason why people still choose physical book over a digital one is to keep them as collectibles, but what about newspapers? I don’t think I want to keep it as my collectibles. Not sure about you guys. Do you collect newspaper as collectibles?
Newspaper: Who still read newspaper these days?

Switch to Digital Newspaper.

Apart from its (physical newspaper) limitation of not getting updated and refreshed with latest news – once its printed out from the factory, it will only show whatever being printed out – newspaper is also not environmental friendly.
While using gadgets – phone, tablet, computer – to read digital newspaper is also far from being environmental friendly, but at least these gadgets, we can use it for longer terms – one to five years. While compared to newspaper, each and everyday – sold or unsold – goes into waste once the day is over. Can you imagine how many trees are getting cut to produce these newspaper? Even if the paper comes from a recycle paper, can you imagine how many recycle paper goes into waste over and over again to produce newspaper? It’s a lot!
There are plenty of sources and choices for getting news these days. From their independent news website, news aggregator website and apps, even to individual blogs and YouTube. News and information are basically everywhere and nowadays become limitless and priceless (aka FREE). I don’t need to cash out a single dime just to read the news. I am, myself, using Flipboard as my news aggregator on regular basis and occasionally Apple News (if I’m currently using iOS) or Google Play Newsstand (if I’m currently using Android device).
So are you one of those ditching newspaper in favor of technology or do you still read newspaper on regular basis?
For me, I do ditched both newspaper and magazine long time back in favor of my pocket (I don’t need to pay anything for the news) and to be more environmental friendlier. It was when smartphone become smarter back in 2000 – I stopped buying game magazines and started reading and getting the news/articles using both PC, PDA and Nokia-Symbian phone.
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