Don’t Miss Singapore Chinatown The 50 Cents Festival – Foods and Drinks Lovers Come Get In!


Food lovers, those with hungry stomach, tourists and YOU!, don’t miss this. Come and enjoy various foods and beverages for just 50 Cents Singapore Dollar.

Yes 50 Cents. You read it right. Have you gone to the Singapore Chinatown The 50 Cents Festival this year? If you don’t, then tomorrow is your last chance for this year.

The 50 Cents Fest. What is it?

the50centsfest logo Chinatown Singapore
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: 2018 50 Cents Foods Festival Logo

The 50 Cents Fest is an annual programme made by Singapore to bring back memories of Singapore foods and beverages in the past as well as to attract residents and tourists to come and visit Chinatown.

The picture below taken from last year, during The 50 Cents Fest 2017.

the50centsfest 2017 the crowds
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: This is the crowds from 2017

While the picture below was taken today, during The 50 Cents Fest 2018. The crowds is super!

the50centsfest Chinatown 2018 the crowds
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: This is the crowds from 2018 Day 1


The 50 Cents Fest. Where is it?

Obviously as written on the title of this article, it’s held on Chinatown, Singapore. To be exact along the stretch of Smith Street, Chinatown (indicated by the red line on image below).

the50centsfest Chinatown how to get there
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: How to get there – via Chinatown MRT Exit A then find Smith Street

The easiest to get there is by purple line MRT (North East Line). Alight at Chinatown MRT and take Exit A (Pagoda Street). Walk through Pagoda Street until you find intersection. Turn right and walk straight. After 2 intersection, the second one is Smith Street, on the left side of Smith Street is the location of The 50 Cents Fest.


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The 50 Cents Fest. When is it?

Unfortunately, the event only last for 2 days and starting today.

From: Saturday 28th July 2018

Until: tomorrow Sunday 29th July 2018

Time: From 11am till 11pm.

The 50 Cents Fest. How does it look like?

This is the crowd on the first day.

the50centsfest every stall queueing
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: Every Stalls is full of queue!


As you can see on the picture, that was taken on 8pm+. While guaranteed all the participating stalls have all the food and beverages in stocks, but be sure to come as early as possible to avoid disappointment for queueing so long.

The 50 Cents Fest. What are the foods and beverages?

There are plenty for sure! Here are the lists (non exhaustive):

Foods stalls (located in the middle of Smith Street):

Bak Chor Mee Pok

Belacan Fried Rice

the50centsfest Chinatown blackpaper crab
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: Black Pepper Crab for 50 Cents x4 ($2)

Black Pepper Crab

Braised Duck Noodle

Char Kway Teow

Chicken Satay

Curry Chicken with Bread

Fish Molee

Gula Melaka Ice Ball and Kopi Gu You

Hainanese Fish Maw Soup and Steamed Pork and Cabbage Dumpling

Hokkien Mee

Lei Cha

Kacang Goreng

Kong Bak Pau

Kway Chap

Magnolia Raspberry Ripple

Oyster Omellete

the50centsfest Chinatown Oyster Sauce Shredded Chicken Hor Fun
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: Oyster Sauce Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

Oyster Sauce Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

Roti John

Soon Kueh and Kueh Lapis

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice

Teochew Beef Kway Teow


White Pepper Prawn

the50centsfest Chinatown the bowl glass food cup
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: The official carrier, whatever foods/drinks you buy, they will be placed inside this paper cup

Mobile Foods Stalls (around the corner):

Banana Ball

Indian Rojak


Kaya Bun

Mee Siam


Putu Piring

Teh Tarik

and many more!

Do you find which one you want to eat? All of them are for 50 cents (minimum) to 50 cents x4 ($2 – maximum).

The 50 Cents Fest. What are the recommended foods and beverages?

the50centsfest Chinatown white pepper prawn
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: The White Pepper Prawn Looks Yummy!

Different people has different taste and liking. For me personally, I like the Kopi Gu You (Black coffee with sugar and a slice of butter) and the Lontong. What about you?

The 50 Cents Fest. Anything else?

the50centsfest Chinatown $2 barber haircut
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: Get your hair cut for just 50 Cents x4 ($2)

They also have haircut promotion along the alley. For just 50 Cents x4 ($2) you can get your haircut. They accept man/women/boy/girl.

the50centsfest Chinatown recycle for snacks
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: Bring your used cups to the recycle center to get snacks and candies in exchange!

Also, after finished eating, do not litter by leaving /throwing your food cups on the street/road, but rather bring them to the recycling center (still along the Smith Street) to get snacks and candies in exchange!

The 50 Cents Fest. Don’t wait.

the50centsfest Chinatown how many you can eat
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: How many can you eat?

If you happen to read this article either on 28-29th July 2018, don’t wait and don’t give so much thought, just go there and visit. For (min) 50 Cents a dish, for sure you get your tummy full without emptying your pocket.

But if you read this article on a later date, don’t worry!

the50centsfest Chinatown 2017
#The50CentsFest at Chinatown: This was 2017 50 Cents Foods Festival

For sure, there will be the same event next year. Just mark your calendar on July next year. Cheers!

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