Life Hack: Number #1 Reason Why Most of Us Fail and How to Overcome It

Most of us have failed even before taking risks, meeting competitors, and getting misfortune.

There’s always risks. There’s always competitors to some extents and there’s luck/fortune factor. To me, they (risks, competitors and luck) are all external factors which some of them are manageable (identify risks, competitors), while some of them are totally out of our control (unforeseen new risks, unforeseen new competitors, unforeseen disaster-misfortune things).

But put aside those external factors, number one reason people are failing is not because of those external factors. Most of us even have failed before meeting those external factors.

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Do these look familiar to you?

Are these disappointments looking familiar to you?

Failed in class?

Failed during exam?

Failed on finding your soul mate?

Failed in love?

Failed in marriage?

Failed to maintain health?

Failed to live longer?

Failed at work?

Failed on project?

Failed to meet deadline?

Failed on presentation?

Failed to get your dream house or dream car?

Failed on your business? Or side business?

Failed on becoming #1?

Failed on whatever <… fill yourself …> ?

Know and Learn From This Example

You can’t swim and yet somehow you are standing near the swimming pool (let’s assume it’s a garden party on your neighbor) then out of the sudden, someone – because of the crowd – is accidentally pushing you down to the swimming pool and there you go, you are drowning inside the pool.

What will you do?

You’re drowning. What will you do? Stay drowning or try to be alive? – Courtesy of

Are you going to stay inside the water or trying to quickly come out from the water to catch your breath? If you are not some superhero with some magical power, for sure you’ll do the latter, you’ll quickly find a way to get your head out of the water to continue breathing. Apart from human intuition to live, you are out of the water because you are prioritizing it over other things. You won’t try checking your watch while inside the water to see what time you fell down nor you’ll think what to eat later while inside the water or will you?

And the Number #1 Reason Why Most of Us Fail is …

From the story above, in order for one to succeed, is to make something a priority. And now it’s pretty obvious, the number #1 reason people are failing even before meeting those external factors (risks, competitions, luck) is because people – you, me, us – don’t prioritize enough on things that matter and spend enough time on them. People – us – never even give it a try. People stop even before starting.

we are the champion winning your goal
Start prioritizing your life and start winning!

Now since you get and learn the essence, do the same prioritization to whatever you are doing and to whatever you want to achieve in life. By prioritizing them, for sure you’ll get way better results.

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