iPhone tip: Here’s how to enable fast charging on your iPhone

Fast charging is truly amazing and mind blowing!

If you ever complain, grumble or feel that your iPhone is taking very long time to fully charged then very likely you don’t make use of fast charging feature that comes on your iPhone. Since 2020, Apple stop bundling wall charger on every iPhone sold, while before 2020, Apple sold iPhone with a standard wall charger. So if your iPhone was bought before 2020, most likely you are using the standard charger that comes bundled with the iPhone or if your iPhone was bought on 2020 or after but you didn’t buy any wall charger with you, then likely you too are using any random charger found at home. Those are the reasons why your iPhone charged slowly.

Here’s how to enable fast charging your iPhone

Follow these steps to enable fast charging on your iPhone.

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Fast charge your iPhone – get 50% battery capacity within 30 minutes of charging! Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Step 1) Ensure your iPhone is at least iPhone 8 or anything newer.

Yes, fast charging is only available starting from iPhone 8 and anything newer.

Step 2) Use USB-C to lightning cable.

Fast charging works only when you use an Apple (or other brands MFi certified) USB-C to Lightning cable. If you buy iPhone on or after 2020, chances are you are getting the USB-C to lightning cable. However in case you don’t have one, check out below the link to get it.

Here are links to get USB-C to Lightning cable:

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable on Amazon
Amazon Basics USB-C to Lightning Cable on Amazon (Cheaper option)
Anker MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable on Amazon (Much cheaper option)
uGreen MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable on AliExpress

Step 3) Use Fast Charging Power Adapter

The final component to enable fast charging to your iPhone. Fast charging on iPhone can only be enabled if you are using supported Power Adapter and wall plugs. So if you have any Power Adapter or wall plug with indicated as 20W or bigger, then you are good to go. However in case you don’t have one, check out below the link to get it.

Here are links to get Fast Charging Power Adapter:

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter on Amazon
Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter on Amazon
Anker 65W USB-C Power Adapter on Amazon
 Anker 60W USB-C Power Adapter on Amazon
UGREEN 20W USB-C Power Adapter on AliExpress

Once you have all the correct components with you, then charge your iPhone like usual. The next time you charge your iPhone using USB-C to lightning cable and fast charging adapter, you should see your iPhone battery percentage increase way much faster than it was before. For my case, I could get 50% battery in just half an hour charging from battery less than 10%.

How to know if your iPhone is charging fast – what’s the indicator for fast charging

Thanks to Apple who aims to make everything as simple as they can, there’s no indicator if you are fast charging your iPhone. However don’t fret, what you can do to ensure your iPhone is charging faster is to time yourself – say within 2-5 minutes, how fast the battery percentage is getting increased. If the percentage increase is much faster when compared charging with your standard charging cable and standard adapter, that means your iPhone is fast charged!

Since now your iPhone is fast charged, you may want to consider this tip to enable notification when your iPhone has been 100% fully charged, check out here: Get notified when your iPhone is 100% charged at JILAXZONE.

Bring it all together

So if all this time you have been changing slowly or have been using random charger found at home or office, then you should definitely upgrade your iPhone charger. It’s very life changing and time saver! In case you encountered any difficulties and/or have queries, don’t hesitate to put your queries or thoughts on the comment section down below. I’ll be happy to assist.

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