More LED Light Strips Installed at Pedestrian Crossings – A good Singapore Government Initiatives. When Other Countries Will Follow?

I guess it was all started at pedestrian crossing in between Bugis Junction and Bugis Street, then along the way, LTA (aka Land Transport Authority)- A Singapore Government body which takes care about Land Transport in Singapore, implemented it in more and more places.

I’m talking about this (see below) – in case you haven’t got it. It’s a LED Light Strips (or nowadays they have different and better looking shapes) installed in pedestrian crossings next to the traffic light.

LED Light Strips Crossing at Sim Lim Square
LED Light Strips Crossing installed at Sim Lim Square Crossing

LED Light Strips Installed at Crossing, but why and for what?

These days either you like it or not, be part of it or not, our world is getting more and more connected. Each day, hundreds to thousands to millions become connected to the internet via their mobile phone. The phenomenon is not only because of internet, it’s also because of games, apps, videos and any other things that makes our focus to this device we carry and use with us. Be it Smartphone, tablets, handheld or portable game console, and many more.

LED Light Strips Crossing turning green and flashing
LED Light Strips Crossing turning green and flashing to raise our awareness – the smartphone zombies

There’s nothing wrong with us getting more and more connected, the issue is we – most of us, human – can’t really limit ourselves to “connect” only on the right place and right time. People who use to walk, with face looking forward, nowadays most of them – us likely included – while they are walking, their heads are no longer looking forward to the direction they want to go, but rather looking down to see their phone screens or whatever it is. As the results many of them bumped into one another, some got hurts, some of them probably got hit by passing cars. That’s the reason why Singapore government took the call to install LED light strips along the crossing (it become more and more available in more places), so that smartphone zombies like us (hoping) don’t caught into such accident. We can quickly stop when seeing the red light strip in front of us.

Are you one of them?

Now how many of you reading this article are doing so? Looking at your phone/game console while walking and/or while crossing the streets?

I am hoping that not only Singapore government is doing this initiatives, all other countries, be it the government or its bodies/departments, or some other caring parties also does the same. At the same time I’m also hoping after reading this article that you can be aware of the danger to yourself, looking at phone screen while walking and crossing the streets and help me to share this to your family, friends, colleagues to raise their awareness too! Be safe. Be vigilant!

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