Here is Singapore Comex 2018 IT and Computer Fair and its promotion. Have You Visited?

Singapore has few rounds of IT, computer and electronic fairs. And they are held every year. One of the biggest is Comex and it’s currently happening right now. Welcome to Comex 2018!

Comex 2018 the crowds 2
Comex 2018: The crowds at level 2 Suntec, Singapore

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Comex – The Largest Tech and Gadget Show in Singapore or so they say…

In case you don’t know yet, Comex – the largest tech and gadget show in Singapore – as claimed by its official website here –  is held from 6-9 September 2018 at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore.

How to get there to Comex 2018?

Take MRT and alight at either Esplanade MRT (closer to the Convention Center) or Promenade MRT.

Tomorrow 9 September 2018 is the last day!

What are the deals ON Comex 2018?

Well, for sure there are plenty of deals on the event that occupying the 2nd, 3rd and 6th levels at Suntec Convention Center. Since there are so many promotions, I can’t capture them all, but those I can capture, here they are.

Looking for discounted Apple products?

Come to level 3 right side of the area, they have display sets on sale. If you are looking for a totally brand new one, come to Nubox booth also at level 3.

Comex 2018 apple refurbish for sale
Comex 2018: Apple Refurb devices on sale!

What about discounted Apple Airpods?

Come to level 2 at Challenger booth.

Comex 2018 discounted apple airpods
Comex 2018: Discounted Apple Airpods

Looking for new Android tablet?

Samsung has a great offer for you. Free upgrade to 256GB.

Comex 2018 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 free upgrade to 256GB
Comex 2018: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 free upgrade to 256GB

Looking for air drones?

Here they are.

Comex 2018 air drones
Comex 2018: Air Drones!
Comex 2018 parrot drones collections
Comex 2018: Collections of Parrot Drones

Looking for electric scooter?

Come to level 6, there’s Mobot selling. Oh, today 3pm, Mi booth was selling their scooter for just $399. Tomorrow who knows they are going to have similar promotion.

Comex 2018 mobot electric scooter discounts
Comex 2018: Mobot Electric Scooters are on sale!

Gamers looking for new game console: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Come to either level 3 or level 6.

Comex 2018 PlayStation 4 Promotions
Comex 2018: PlayStation 4 Promotions
Comex 2018 PlayStation Controller Discount
Comex 2018: Discounted PlayStation Controllers
Comex 2018 xbox one promotion
Comex 2018: Xbox One Promotion

Gamers looking for discounted games?

Come to level 6, left side of the area. There’s plenty of titles discounted. There’s also discount for game controllers.

Comex 2018 console games discounts
Comex 2018: Discounted console games.
Comex 2018 Games on Discounts
Comex 2018: List of games getting dicounts

Looking for cheap and affordable Hard Disk Drive?

3TB just for $109.

Comex 2018 cheap harddisk
Comex 2018: 3TB Harddisk is just for $109!


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Looking for In-Display Fingerprint smartphone? 

We got Vivo. Read here short review and video about Fingerprint ID on a touchscreen.

Comex 2018 vivo in-display fingerprint
Comex 2018: Vivo in-display fingerprint are on action and discounts

Looking for Discounted iPhone?

Come to level 2 at Challenger booth.

Comex 2018 discounted iphone
Comex 2018: Discounted iPhone

Looking for iPhone Bluetooth Controller?

Get it at discounted price at level 6.

Comex 2018 iPhone bluetooth controller
Comex 2018: Gamevice iPhone Bluetooth Controller on discounts!

Looking for new gaming monitor?

Come to level 3.

Comex 2018 wide monitors
Comex 2018: A Very Wide monitor.

Looking for smart TV with Android inside?

Sony is advertising big on Android TV. Sony is at level 3.

Comex 2018 sony android tv
Comex 2018: Sony promoting heavily on its Android TV

Looking for making your home smart with Wi-Fi Camera?

TP Link sells them for $75 only.

Comex 2018 WiFi Camera TPLink
Comex 2018: WiFi Camera TPLink

Smart bulbs and smart plugs also got. And discounted.

Comex 2018 smart bulbs and smart plugs
Comex 2018: Smart bulbs and Smart plugs

Looking for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 bundled with operator?

So far the best I’ve seen around is from Singtel (I might be wrong)

Comex 2018 singtel samsung galaxy note 9 promotion
Comex 2018: Singtel Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Promotion – $250 off!

Telco promotions?

Comex 2018
Comex 2018: Circles.Life
Comex 2018 m1 promotion
Comex 2018: M1 Promotions

Vaio is back!

Comex 2018 vaio is back
Comex 2018: Vaio is back!

Looking for a bargain Windows laptop?

Do consider this demo sets.

Comex 2018 laptop demo clearance
Comex 2018: Laptop demo clearance at slash price

Looking for Xiaomi Pocophone F1?

Come to Mi booth at 3rd floor.

Comex 2018 Xiaomi promotions
Comex 2018: Xiaomi phones promotions
Comex 2018 Singapore Xiaomi Pocophone F1
Comex 2018: The mighty Xiaomi Pocophone F1


Comex 2018 freebies
Comex 2018: Freebies when you are buying Lenovo

There’s really many more which I can’t capture and show everything here.

At Comex 2018 What you have gotten?

To those who have visited, what have you got? Any good deals or lobangs?

For me, I just visit the vicinity. My ministry of finance didn’t let me splurge on new gadgets :p


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