Don’t follow Elon Musk! It may cost you: your fortune, freedom and on extreme cases: your own life. Beware!

Watch what you are going to say otherwise it can cost you your Fortune and freedom and on extreme cases: your own life.

On 8th August 2018 ago, Elon Musk tweeted “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.”

The original tweet can be found below.

Shortly after the tweet, Tesla stock price sky-rocketed before eventually went down the following day and since then and until today, Tesla stock price has not recovered to the same position as it was before 8th August 2018.

What a costly tweet that is!

On top of the stock price that has not recovered to the same level as before 8th August (due to various reasons but one of them is because Elon Musk himself and his recent reckless actions), recently Elon Musk was fined $40 millions ($20 for Elon Musk himself, $20 millions for Tesla) by the SEC (a US-based agency that responsible for regulating stocks, securities and things related to it) for the same tweet Elon Musk sent on 8th August 2018 ago, pretending to take Tesla private. And as it turned out, fined for $40 millions is not enough, SEC ruled Elon to step down as Tesla chairman, at least for the next 3 years.

$40 millions is no way a small money. Even I believed for Tim Cook who made Apple to be the first 1 trillion dollar company. $40 millions for most of us, could help us live our life freely and relaxed for the rest of our lives.

Lesson to be learned for all of us: Think first before you act!

In Bahasa Indonesia, there’s this statement, “Mulut mu, harimau mu”. Which literally translates to “Your mouth is your tiger (animal – fierce, ruthless)” which means “watch your mouth (on what you are saying or going to say), because it can turn back against yourself. Just like a double-edge swords, it can be useful to you or it can hurts you.

Think first before you act - otherwise the outcome may be costly
Think first before you act – otherwise the outcome may be costly

In Elon Musk’s case, it cost him $40 millions as well as his chairman position at Tesla.

For us, the cost varies, on the extreme case, it may cost us our lives (E.g.: if you say something really bad to a someone and this person doesn’t like it and getting emotional about it then stab you until death without further think about it). So be mindful to what you are saying or going to say. Especially if your feelings are kind of (or about to be) out-of-control (E.g.: angry, stressed, sad).

These methods sure can help you during those situations. These need practice, but for sure anybody can do it. It boils down to “Think first before you act”.

When you feel you are getting emotional (angry, stressed, about to explode), do the following:

1) Take a deep breath. Then release it. Repeat until you feel yourself become calmer.

2) Once you are in calmer state, do think all the possibilities that’s going to happen of your words (written or verbally) before spitting them out – revise them as necessary.

3) Redo step 1) and 2) until you are sure, it won’t cost you your fortune, freedom nor your life, only then spit them out.

Whenever possible, stay away from the source of issue(s), and only come back when you are comfortable to go back and/or feel more relax and not under pressured.

This “out-of-control, spit anything you like” normally happens to younger people. They tend to get emotional very quickly, then act first without even thinking the outcome of their actions.

Happened to me (when I was younger) a few times before, though I was not getting any fines nor lost my positions at work, but that gave bad impressions of myself to people who were working with me: clients, peers, superiors. And like Elon Musk’s case, the damages likely hard to be reverted back once it’s done, especially if it relates/impacts so many people/parties/organizations.

So, practice “think first before you act”. It will save you so much things.


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