Very Rare Game: The first ever and only Street Fighter Action Adventure Game: Street Fighter 2010 The Final Fight

Ever wonder if Street Fighter has an adventure game? As it turned out there is!

Hearing the name Street Fighter for people who play console and arcade games before sure will flash you Ryu or Ken or other Street Fighter characters on the battle stage, fighting one to one with another opponent. But have you ever thought before that apart from fighting genre, is there any other genre that Street Fighter games are in/made? Well, as it turns out, there is!

Meet the first ever and only Street Fighter action adventure game!

Street Fighter 2010 Game Box. (Image courtesy of Capcom and Wikipedia:

Unfortunately, the game is not a new game that recently published. The first and only Street Fighter action adventure game ever released was back during NES/Famicom time, in 1990 to be exact. Play as a character named Ken – though it’s not the same Ken we know on Street Fighter – with red gi (jacket) and blonde hair – but the english localization made them the same Ken, in this game with cyborg body and take place twenty years in the future (the game was released on 1990 and the title is 2010).

Street Fighter 2010 gameplay
Street Fighter 2010 Gameplay. (Image courtesy of Capcom and Wikipedia:

The mission is to save the Earth from cyborg invasion by pursuing whoever has steal Ken’s human-cyborg research. Each stages, Ken is given limited time to defeat the main designated enemy and take the necessary energy to open a trans dimensional portal to the next stage.

This is Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight gameplay

For more details, refer to Wikipedia page here:​.

To play this game today, you can either play it on 3DS virtual console or play it on emulator on your phone – check here for the best emulator.

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There are other Street Fighter action adventure games too!

Though they don’t carry Street Fighter name. The Final Fight series which made by Capcom too, are actually a Street Fighter game with action adventure genre but was then renamed to Final Fight. The first series of Final Fight was first introduced as Street Fighter ’89 though the idea was scrapped and the game was released under Final Fight.

Final Fight – initially known as Street Fighter ’89. (Image courtesy of Capcom and Wikipedia:

Here is the Final Fight gameplay.

Now you know why Cody and Guy are so much similar to Ryu and Ken with little modifications.

Read here for more details:

To play this game today, you can either play it on a PS2, GBA, PSP or iOS or play it on emulator on your phone – check here for the best emulator.

Bring it all together

I’m still hoping that Capcom one day will truly make and release Street Fighter game with action/adventure genre, either in 2D like Street of Rage or 3D like Fighting Force or even RPG like today’s Final Fantasy game.

What do you guys think? Do you also agree with me, that Capcom should one day make Street Fighter action/adventure/RPG game? Do give your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Thanks!


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6 thoughts on “Very Rare Game: The first ever and only Street Fighter Action Adventure Game: Street Fighter 2010 The Final Fight

  • July 8, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was the first fighting game I’ve played and the sole reason I love the genre.

    Victoria Tegg

  • July 10, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Mortal Kombat > Street Fighter
    Tekken > Street Fighter
    Soul Caliber > Street Fighter
    Injustice > Street Fighter.
    Ross Alisha

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