Interesting book to read: Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming

If you like and loves to play games (not only video games, but all kinds of games) and would like to know more how it was all started and how we got here today, this book by Edward Ross is the easy-to-take reading to satisfy your craving on (video) game history up till present time. He (Edward Ross) presented the story in comic-book like model, so it’s like reading comics!

This “Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming” book is good for:

  • Gamers of all ages.
  • Anyone who would like to know how games (especially video games) were conceived and became what it is today.
  • And especially you who are light and visual readers, because the book explained (video) game history in comical format.
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Book Summary: Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming

The story predates back when ancient humans started to live their lives. As part of survival, they did hunt, hide and seek, fight, make fire and paint. Those are what considered as “play” to these people.
When humans finally shifted from nomadic life (keep moving from one place to another) to sedentary life (settle at one place), they invented some early form of gaming – as a way to socialize and at the same time to get away from the busyness of daily life chores. Early version of mancala was introduced using just the soil – act as the board – and whatever pebbles (act as the stones) they can find around the area. From that moment on, more and more form of gaming was discovered, invented or introduced, including early version of chess.

Fast forward to time after the World War 2, where computer was invented. A small group of people making use the huge computer on the lab to create a tennis game which we know as Pong. From that moment on, more and more people were creating games what today we know as video games. Atari was founded not long after, and then followed by dozens of other companies. Video games that were just a dot on the screen becoming better and more realistic over time.

Nintendo NES console and two controllers
Console from the 80’s: Nintendo Entertainment System (my wife’s)

Fast forward again, now to present time. Games we know today can be found on various media. Not only on computer and console, but also on smartphone and even on the Internet/cloud (such as NVidia GeForce Now and XBOX Cloud Gaming). While games are moving into sophisticated medium, but traditional games invented on the early days are also still available in present time for people to play with – mancala, chess and different kinds of board games.

asus rog phone 2 kunai gamepad
Nowadays you can enjoy high quality graphics game from just about anywhere using smartphone – Image courtesy of

Book Review: Why I read this book & you should read this too

Presented in comical form, this book is really light to read yet fun to see and get to know with. Edward (the writer) included so many video game references. So while reading, you might as well find a good game you never heard or known before. For my case, I discovered various NES and SEGA Genesis games I never heard nor seen before.
So, if you are fan of games (especially video games) and doesn’t want something heavy or all texts book to read, you may want to consider Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming by Edward Ross.

Where you can get & read Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming

In case you are also interested with this book, here’s where you can get the book.

1) Amazon

Physical book (Hardcover):

Alternative link in case you can’t see the link above: Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming (Hardcopy).


Alternative link in case you can’t see the link above: Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming (eBook).

If you are getting the digital copy, here’s where you can read the book:

AndroidKindle app for Android
iOSKindle app for iOS
KindleKindle tablet on Amazon
macOSKindle app for macOS
WindowsKindle app for Windows

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2) Local library

Head to your local library or log in to your local library app to find and rent this book.

Here’s the book ISBN number to help you search the book in library.


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