Gaming on Samsung Galaxy Fold

When Samsung first introduced Samsung Galaxy Fold – it’s like gadget from a sci-fi movie. Yet fast forward to today, the Galaxy Fold has reached hands of reviewers and soon reach your hands – all the potential buyers.

While there are so many great aspects to the phone, – its foldable screen should be the one – but one of probably the most favourite question for gamer is that, how is gaming done on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Is it going to be great? Is it going to be just so-so? Or is it just like playing game on another smartphone or tablet?

Well, for that purpose, one of the early reviewer that got his hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold has told us his gaming experiences on the Fold.

Here it is Unbox Therapy with Samsung Galaxy Fold, demoing few games from side-scrolling, arcade, to 3D first person shooter games. See how Super Mario Run, Alto adventure, PUBG and many more.

Thoughts about Gaming on Samsung Galaxy Fold

Well, as you can see from the review video above, the gaming experiences are pretty amazing. And what really differentiates big screen that Samsung Galaxy Fold has, in comparisons with Tablets are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold has premium build and premium specs,
  • 12GB of RAM
  • Qualcomm latest 855 Processor
  • Stereo speakers and support for Dolby Atmos
  • 4380 mAH Battery for longer lasting gaming
  • Thinner bezels, compare to normal tablets
  • Lighter than most tablets
  • and OLED screen for crisp and crystal clear images

Who doesn’t want to game with this phone? I want!

Unfortunately, given its price tag that almost reach US$2,000, only a bunch of hardcore gamer with deep pocket who will get this gorgeous sci-fi-looking-but-now-a-reality smartphone. I, for the record, am not one of them.

What do you guys think? Are you going to buy one to play games? Do you think US$2,000 is way over for a mobile gaming device? Do give your thoughts and comments down below in the comment section. Cheers!

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