How to remove photo location data of already taken photos directly from smartphone | Android | iOS

These days most of us is relying on our smartphone on pretty much everything, including taking photos and sharing them to social media.

Thanks to all technological advancement, for the size of today smartphone, you get a pretty good camera setup (depends on your smartphone model) as well as GPS embedded to it, resulting images captured to have the location information tagged to it. This is good if you want to create and store your photos in digital album based on their locations or if you want to have a way to remember where you were when the photo was taken. But what if you want to store or share the photo without the location info?

Here’s how to remove photo location data from already taken images or photos

Remove photo location data if you are using Android

All modern Android smartphone comes with Google Photos installed. However in case your phone doesn’t have Google Photos, do first install it.

1) Ensure Google Photos is installed. If you don’t have it yet, here’s the download link: Google Photos.

2) Open Google Photos, on the top left side of the screen, tap on the 3-bar icon to open its menu. Tap on Device folders.

3) Under Device folders/Photos on device, look for the photo you want to remove its location data. Tap on the individual photo.

4) On individual photo, tap on the 3-dot icon on the top right of the screen to show the photo details. One of the details shown is the location data.

Android Google Photos remove photo location
Using Google Photos, to remove location from photos on Android

5) On photo location data, tap “Remove Location”. If prompted, “Remove location?”, tap “Remove” to proceed removing location data from the photo.

Repeat the steps for any other photos that you want their location data to be removed.

Remove photo location data if you are using iOS/iPhone

Unlike Android newer smartphone models with newer Android OS has Google Photos built-in by default which useful to remove location data from photos taken, iOS / iPhone doesn’t have any built-in app to do so. But that doesn’t stop you from removing location data from your photos on iPhone or iOS device. Here’s how:

1) Go to App Store and install Exif Viewer. Exif is Exchangable Image File Format – a standard to store photo metadata. Here’s one of the Exif viewer app: download link. You can, however, choose any other Exif viewer app of your choice, so long it can remove the location data.

2) Open the Exif Viewer app. If the app prompting to access your photos, give it the access. Pick of the photo and tap on it.

iPhone exif viewer remove photo location
Using Exif Viewer app, to remove location data from photo on iPhone

3) Tap on “Remove Location”, when prompted, “Allow ‘Exif Viewer’ to modify this photo?” Tap on “Modify” to proceed removing location data from the photo.

Repeat the steps for any other photos that you want their location data to be removed.

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