FREE! Ep 28: FREE Online Photography Class from Nikon. Limited Period Only.

Photographers or to-be photographers, don’t miss this great chance and offers!

  • Nikon is giving FREE access to its online photography classes
  • The FREE Access is valid until 31 December 2020, unless its extended
  • Typically course’s fee for each of these online classes is ranging from $15 to $50 so don’t waste this great opportunity
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Gathered across various sources around the world and from the internet, here I share with you all the FREE! stuffs – products or services – that I found them interesting. Some of them are totally FREE! while some of them are just temporarily FREE! So be sure to get/download/consume them while they are FREE!

This time is online photography courses from Nikon. This online courses are good for someone who wants to take better picture regardless of the platform you are using: be it a smartphone camera, pocket camera or DSLR camera. Without further ado, here they are.

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FREE! Stuffs compiled by JILAXZONE

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FREE Online Photography Class from Nikon

This is where you can get them.

TypeOnline Classes
LinkPhotography Class from Nikon
PriceTemporarily FREE! until 31 December 2020 (U.P $15-$50 each courses)
Good forAge 4+

There are 11 online photography class which you can enjoy. While the classes is showcasing a Nikon camera, but most of the contents are applicable to whatever camera you are using, in fact even when you are using a smartphone camera.

To enjoy the full version of each of these online classes, don’t forget to click on the “WATCH FULL VERSION” button, key-in your name and email and that’s it. Be sure to enjoy the online classes while they are FREE!

For a recommendation, you may want to start with video #6 on the Fundamentals of Photography then continue with video #7 on Beyond the Fundamentals. Then enjoy the rest videos based on your interest.

#Class TitleDescriptionDuration
1Better Holiday Photos Featuring Nikon AmbassadorsEleven Nikon Ambassadors share tips and tricks for taking better holiday photos, time-lapse and videos during the holiday season.47:36
2Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content With Z 50Kitty Peters of Atola Visuals discusses the ways you can create compelling and fun videos using the Nikon Z 50 mirrorless camera.15:26
3Photographing Children & Pets, Featuring Tamara LackeyNikon Ambassador Tamara lackey offers tips and techniques for photographing children and pets.50:24
4Discovering Macro Photography, Featuring Joey TerrillNikon Ambassador Joey Terrill demonstrates techniques and tips for making great macro images.50:44
5Getting Started With Your Nikon DSLR16:55
6Fundamentals Of Photography, Featuring Reed HoffmannPhotographer Reed Hoffmann teaches the fundamentals of photography from exposure settings to composition and more.42:36
7Beyond The Fundamentals, Featuring Reed HoffmannGo beyond the fundamentals of photography to take your photos to the next level.56:32
8Environmental Portraiture Featuring Joey TerrillLearn the art of Environmental Portraiture from Nikon Ambassador and professional photographer Joey Terrill.43:57
9Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography, Featuring Taylor GlennExploring Dynamic Landscape Photography featuring Taylor Glenn, Nikon School Online class43:50
10Hands–On With The SB-5000 Speedlight, Featuring Joe McnallyNikon Ambassador and professional photographer Joe McNally demonstrates using the SB-5000 Speedlight flash with wireless remote triggers.41:52
11The Art Of Making Music Videos, Featuring Chris HershmanWatch this Nikon School Online class to learn the tips and tricks to making music videos with a DSLR camera.1:09:10

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