Recommended game to play: Luigi Mansion 3 – Multiplayer Couch Co-op | Nintendo Switch

Looking for fun action adventure mixed co-op game where you can play together with siblings, couple, friends or family? Try playing Luigi Mansion 3. Released back in October 2019 for Nintendo Switch, the game is still great to play this day if you never played it before.

Luigi Mansion 3: Story & The Game Features

The story begins when Luigi and friends – Mario, Princess Peach, 3 toads and polterpup (the ghostly dog) – were on a way to vacation to a hotel, after getting an invitation letter. Everything went well until they got separated into each rooms for resting. Luigi woke up to the scream of princess peach and there you go – everything changed, from a luxury good looking hotel, become a ghostly dark hotel.

Oh! Turned out it’s not just Luigi and friends got the invitation, Professor Elvin Gadd (E. Gadd) the ghost research professor also got the invitation and were in the hotel when all of this happened.

Both the hotel owner and King Boo managed to capture Mario, Princess Peach and the 3 toads together with Professor E. Gadd. Now playing as Luigi, you have to explore the hotel to find each of them and release them.

The game’s story mode can be played 2 players – the first in the series, however the first player has to first explore the game for the first 30 minutes (or more) to unlock the second player. Only after unlocking, you can play the game’s story mode for 2 players.

Don’t worry, though the game theme is ghostly and dark, being a Nintendo game with Nintendo characters, the game is far from being scary, but rather fun and teach whoever play the game to do teamwork. Great for anyone, including kids and adults. I’m on my mid 30’s and enjoyed playing this game with my wife – she’s not a dedicated gamer by the way. Both of us managed to finish the game with “A” rating.

Have a look at the official game trailer here:

These are Luigi Mansion 3 game features:

  • There are 3 modes in the game: Story mode, ScareScapper, ScreamPark.
  • The story mode contains 17 levels to conquer (B1, B2, Level 1 to Level 15).
  • Each level contains different challenges and bosses – most of them require teamwork to accomplish.
  • Each level contains different gems to collect – if you can collect all gems before heading for final boss, you can get “S” rank when completing the game.
  • The game is not scary at all, but rather fun and easy to play with.

Reason why I love this game

I was looking for a multiplayer game which I can play with my casual-gamer wife. And being a Nintendo game, this game is pretty friendly for any casual gamer – you can find hearts (to refill your HP) pretty much everywhere, even during boss’ battles. So the game is far from the type of game who can make someone stressful or even depressed when playing the game, instead it was fun experience during the game.

The game is heavily encouraging teamwork and thinking to solve some of the puzzles finding hidden gems within each levels – which left us scratching our head when finally able to discover the hidden gems. We laughed a lot and occasionally panic when meet a new type of ghost.

My wife and I managed to beat the game’s story mode within 15 days (24 hour 31 minutes gameplay in total) and got “A” rank. Now looking to redo some part of the game – finding hidden gems – to complete the game with “S” rank.

Luigi Mansion 3: Link to get the game

GenreAction Adventure
Number of players2 Players (Story Mode), 2-8 Players (Other modes)
Good forAge 4+
Game available in digital version onlyNo
Where to getLuigi Mansion 3 on Amazon (Physical)
Luigi Mansion 3 on Nintendo eShop (Digital)

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Play better with Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

You can play Luigi Mansion 3 using a single Joy-Con, however it’s a single Joy-Con controller & buttons are too small for you or the whole ergonomics is just off for you, I do recommend to play the game with a normal-size Nintendo Switch controller, the Pro Controller.

On Amazon:

Alternative Amazon link in case you can’t see the link above: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Amazon.

On AliExpress:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller/Lite/Steam Game Joystick

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