How to pair & use Xbox Series X|S Xbox Wireless Controller on your iPhone, iPad and iOS devices

  • Now you can connect your Xbox Wireless Controller belongs to your Xbox Series X|S console to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Ensure you are on iOS & iPadOS 14.5 or up. Refer to the pre-requisite section to update.
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Xbox Wireless controller, especially the latest one belongs to Xbox Series X|S console is one of the best gaming controller out there – it has the widest range of supports: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and of course iOS.

In case you are looking for a way to connect Xbox Series X|S wireless controller to your iPhone or iPad, here’s the right place. On the step by step below, I’ll detail how you can easily pair the Xbox wireless controller to your iOS device.

Pre-requisites before pairing your Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller to your iOS

1) Ensure you are at least on iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or up.

If you are on iOS / iPadOS 14.5 or up, then you are good to go. Here’s how to check your iOS version: Go to Settings > About. Look at the “Software Version”. In case you are not on iOS 14.5 or up, go to Settings > Software Update to update your iOS to the latest.

Note: At the time this article is written & updated, iOS 14.5 is still in beta and currently available for developers & beta testers only, hopefully Apple will soon release iOS 14.5 to both public beta testers and to the masses. In case you can’t wait, head to the bottom of this article to get to know how you can get access as iOS public beta tester, so by the time Apple release iOS 14.5 for public beta testers, you are good to go – it’s FREE by the way.

Here’s how to connect Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller to your iOS device: iPhone and iPad

1) Turn on Xbox Series X|S wireless controller in pairing mode. Press and hold the PAIR button (Microsoft called it as wireless enrollment button, the button is located on the top of the controller, on top of the Xbox button) on the Xbox wireless controller until the Xbox button starts blinking / flashing.

2) On iOS device, turn Bluetooth on. Now on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth, turn the Bluetooth ON.

3) Connect to Xbox wireless controller. Let the iOS scan the nearby Bluetooth device, once appear, tap on Xbox Wireless Controller to start pairing.

That’s it. The Xbox Series X|S wireless controller should now paired to your iOS device and you can use it on any controller-compatible games and applications on your device.

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller & Xbox Series X|S – Where to get it?

In case you haven’t got yourself on either the Xbox Series X|S wireless controller and/or the Xbox Series X|S console, here they are.

The new Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller

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Here’s how to get access as iOS Public Beta Tester

At the time this article is written and updated, Apple has just released iOS 14.5 beta, iOS 14.5 is not yet available to the public beta testers, however, you can still proceed to register as iOS Public Beta tester while waiting for Apple to release iOS 14.5 to public beta testers.

To get access to iOS and iPadOS beta and public beta version that Apple has not released to the public, you have to first sign up for either be a developer or a public beta tester, then enroll your iOS device to the program. Everything is free (on public beta tester). do check the detailed steps by step here to install it. The steps are legal and official steps from Apple.

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