The not-so-secrets how you can do so much within a day so you can achieve your goals faster

  • There are only 60 seconds within 1 minute, and 60 minutes within 1 hour and 24 hours within a day, but there are people who can accomplish so many things within a day.
  • Learn the not-so-secret on how you can accomplish so many things within your day – summary from millionaires and billionaires.
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Wondering why there are people who can do so many things within their day? Think people like Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon), Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla & SpaceX) and Tony Robbins (motivational speaker & coach). Apart from they run multi-millions and multi-billions companies, among them, they also shared the same common not-so-secret traits that makes them unstoppable.
Elon Musk – The Iron Man of our time – has invented and achieved so many things – though he is just human like the rest of us

Here they are the not-so-secret way to get more done within a day

These are the summaries on what I do to accomplish so many things within a day which I learn all these from Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins and many other successfuly persons who run multi-millionaires and billionaires companies.

1) Wake up earlier.

iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter bright sunny day
Wake up early to start your day

I get it, not everyone here is a morning people, but do get this: if you can train yourself to wake up earlier than what you did before, you get the “extra” time by waking up earlier. That “extra” time you can use to do anything you want to do: make the bed, exercise, wash the car, prep the meeting material or like myself, I blog early in the morning after I wake up each day.

2) Do not wait for the right time.

Most Precious Asset and Commodity Time Time 4
There was never a right time other than do it now.

Good chances the right time will never come or when it actually comes, either you don’t know or you are not well-prepared. So never wait for the right time. Do whatever you think is priority and need to do now. Don’t delay. Things like opening an investment account, starting a new life-changing project, learning something new, whatever they are, if you think they have good benefit for you and priority to you life, do it now. Along the way, you’ll make mistakes and whatnot, but you’ll learn and get better on it and eventually you may master it without you even noticing on it.

3) Organize, Prioritize & Delegate.

You can prioritize & delegate only when you can organize not only things but your life in the correct order. When you organize and priortize them in the correct order, not only you can spend your energy to tackle the most important things in your day, but also at the same time, you can build the momentum to get work after work done. Delegate tasks to others whenever possible to free your time to do the most important tasks on hand.

4) Focus.

Computers are meant for multitasking, but humans are not. Avoid multitasking as much as possible, remain focus on things that you have prioritized. Do you need to read the messages or emails that goes into your inbox directly as of when they arrived? Most likely you don’t need to. When you focus on doing something, things get done faster.

5) Reject unrelated meetings & discussions.

People inside corporation and / or within a project has tendency to involve all parties into meetings and discussions though most of the times, not all parties invited has direct or close relationship with the topic involved. Even worst, most meetings and discussions do not have clear agenda and clear goals, even when they have, people tend to not focus on the agenda and goals, ended up sucking everyone’s time. Practice to reject unrelated meetings and discussions, or in the case you need to join the meetings or discussions, tell them upfront, you have only certain amount of time on the meeting. The saved time you can use to complete your tasks based on priority.

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6) Schedule times within the day when people can actually disturb you.

When you start rejecting meetings and discussions, schedule a time (or a few times) where people can actually disturb you, to get their queries answered. Suggestion would be to schedule it towards the end of the day – when you have focused your energy to complete your important tasks. Most of the times and most cases, people disturb you just because you are too easy to be disturbed. If certain tasks are important for others, they’ll do their best to get them done – they can either go to you or go somewhere else to get the answers. If they can’t still get the answer somewhere else, they’ll wait for your time. At the end of the day, your important tasks are finished and so theirs.

7) Honor your working hours.

When you are within working hours (or study hours), do honor it by doing only work-related stuff during working hours. Avoid doing non-work related stuffs, including but not limited to gossipping, browsing unrelated topics.

8) Honor your lunch time.

When it’s the time for lunch, do actually go for lunch. Don’t skip lunch due to work reasons. Your body needs enough energy to process the remaining tasks. This is part of the practice to make you to be discpline in managing your time. Proper lunch, without gossiping and such, will only take half an hour anyway.

9) Honor your go home time.

A few times doing work overtime are okay. But if everyday you are doing overtime, you are on the way to burn out. And that’s not good. When you do work overtime everyday, that’s either you can’t focus doing your tasks (focus issue) or you can’t prioritize which one is important (organizing issue) or the schedule given is not right. Practice organizing and prioritizing your work, practice focus to work on the the task on hand, practice honoring the working hours, when you do all this right, you shouldn’t not continously working overtime. Go home when its time to go home.

10) Journal and take notes.

iOS Notes
I journaled all my work and ideas, so I don’t need to keep remembering them

Before calling it a day and go home, do take notes and jouirnal on where you are on the task you do, and whenever possible to also note down what are the things you need to continue doing tomorrow, so when you are back on the task tomorrow, you know where to start and can quickly resume the task.

11) Go and do non-working stuffs after working hours.

luge at sentosa
You deserve it. Have fun!

After you have journaled your day and gone home, avoid touching work-related stuffs. Do something else instead, such as: have dinner with family, go and play with kids, buy groceries, read books, practice or enhance your skills or watch movies. Anything that can relax you out. This is to cool down your stress level at work and avoiding yourself from getting burned out.

12) Get a good night sleep.

Since you have journaled your tasks and cooled down by doing previous step – do non-working stuffs after working hours, you can go to bed when it’s time to go to sleep and get a good night sleep. This will ensure your energy is fully recharged and be ready for tomorrow tough day.

Bring it all together

I can tell you, it won’t be easy the first time you do all these 12 actions I mentioned above, but you have to start doing it. After a few days or weeks, you’ll get used to them and you’ll see the differences between the past you and the present you. Once you have mastered them, you’ll see that you are getting closer and closer to your life goals much faster than ever before.

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