Here’s how to withdraw SSB – Singapore Saving Bonds


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Participate in Singapore Saving Bonds (a.k.a SSB) but finding out that you need to withdraw the money for whatever reasons – either you would like to use the funds for new, better return rate of another Singapore Saving Bonds or you would like to use the funds for even better investment somewhere else or simply you have plan to use the funds for catering your other needs, well whatever your reason is, I’ll have the step by step guide for you to withdraw the Singapore Saving Bonds.

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Need to withdraw your SSB? Follow the steps in this article.

Here are the step by step to withdraw Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB)

Important Notes:

a) Redemption period is between 7am to 9pm from 2nd to last fourth business day of the month or 6pm-9pm on the 1st business day of the month.
b) Redemption is not available during public holiday.
c) There is $2 fee on successful redemption.
d) This guide is made as-is, to help you by providing the detail steps to withdraw Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB). I won’t be held responsible nor liable due to any issues or loss incurred.

The steps are done based on commonly-used Bank in Singapore. For security reasons, I am not mentioning the Bank’s name here. In case you are using different Bank, the steps may be slightly different. But at least you get the idea on how to withdraw the SSB.

Step 1) Login to your Bank account and authenticate.

Step 2) Go to Invest > More Investment Services.

Step 3) Inside More Investment Services page, under Manage Investment, click on “Redeem Singapore Government Securities (SGS)

Step 4) Inside Redeem Singapore Government Securities (SGS) screen, choose either “Singapore Saving Bonds (Cash)” or “Singapore Saving Bonds (SRS)” and click “Next”. If you are getting the error message telling “Redemption period is from 6pm-9pm on the 1st business day of the month and 7am to 9pm from 2nd to last fourth business day of the month”, then try again later during the mentioned business hours.

Step 5) Fill in the Personal Particular required.

posb how to redeem singapore saving bonds
To redeem Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB), fill in all necessary details required.

Step 6) Fill in the Singapore Saving Bonds details and your account payment details. Do note that there are $2 fee when you withdraw your SSB. Click “Next”. In case you didn’t have the Singapore Saving Bonds details with you, do check on your CDP account. Get the Issue code, issue month and issue year.

Step 7) You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page. Check out all the details provided, especially your receiving account payment. Once everything is good, click on “Submit” to request withdrawal.

posb redeem ssb
Message you get when you have successfully submitted your SSB withdrawal application.

On successful withdrawal request, you’ll be given a Transaction Number. Do screenshot or take note on the Transaction Number given.

When are you getting the funds on successful SSB withdrawal?

The funds will not be transferred to your bank account straight away on the same day. On each successful withdrawal request, the funds will only be transferred on 2nd working day subsequent month.

So, if say, today is early September, once you submitted the withdrawal request, your funds will only be transferred on 2nd working day in October.

Bring it all together

Now you know how to withdraw SSB. More importantly, take note on when you’ll get the funds on successful SSB withdrawal, so you can plan accordingly. In case you have queries or are facing difficulties, don’t hesitate to put your issues or thoughts down below on the comment section. I’ll be happy to assist!

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