Are you going to buy iPhone 8? [POLL]

It’s middle of the year already, by right Apple has almost finished (if it has not finished yet) designing their next gen iPhone most people dubbed as iPhone 8.
iphone 8 ios 11
iPhone 8: The alleged next gen iPhone. Image courtesy of

The fun fact about iPhone 8 and its 10th anniversaries.

Although press and media kept telling iPhone 8 is going to be the 10th anniversaries of iPhone, doesn’t mean iPhone 8 (or whatever next gen 2017 iPhone will actually be called of) is the 10th generation of iPhone. In fact iPhone 8 is the 11th generation of iPhone.
Take a look below, history of iPhone released each year.
Gen 1 – 2007: original iPhone aka iPhone 2G
Gen 2 – 2008: iPhone 3G
Gen 3 – 2009: iPhone 3GS
Gen 4 – 2010: iPhone 4
Gen 5 – 2011: iPhone 4S
Gen 6 – 2012: iPhone 5
Gen 7 – 2013: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
Gen 8 – 2014: iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
Gen 9 – 2015: iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus & iPhone SE
Gen 10 – 2016: iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
Gen 11 – 2017: iPhone 8

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Back to topic: are you going to buy iPhone 8?

With all the leaks including images and dummies of iPhone 8 and recent leaks telling iPhone 8 will not have TouchID fingerprint anymore, what do you think, are you going to buy the upcoming iPhone 8? Is the iPhone 8 the phone you are expected it to be?

These are iPhone 8 highlights and what we know so far from all the leaks:

1. It will have dual camera just like iPhone 7 Plus, however with different arrangement. dual camera
iPhone 8: Dual Camera and Full Edge-to-Edge Display. Image courtesy of
2. It will have full screen edge-to-edge screen.
3. It may have fingerprint TouchID button embedded directly to the iPhone screen.
4. It may have glass back – just like iPhone 4.
5. It may comes with only 1 size, with 5.8 inch screen size.
6. It may comes with OLED screen.
7. It may have a new mirror-screen like color (like iPod Touch Chrome color).
8. It may comes with improved water resistant standard IP68.
9. It may comes with 3D facial recognition.
10. It may have wireless charging capability.
So with all the alleged leak specifications, are you planning to get one on the launch day?

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iPhone 8 Personal Opinion

Personally for me as iPhone 7 Plus owner, with the assumption all the alleged leaks are true and especially if they produce the Special Edition Red color as well for iPhone 8, I will definitely buy the iPhone 8.
What about you? Give your thoughts about iPhone 8 on the comment section below


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