iOS 11 Public Beta 2 is expected this week

While Apple has released iOS 11 Beta 3 to registered developers last Monday 10th July 2017, there’s no word yet (and pop-up notification) for the iOS 11 Public Beta 2.
Update 13th July 2017: Apple has finally released iOS 11 Public Beta 2 to public. Check here for details of what Apple has fixed and how to download and get it.

iOS 11 Public Beta 2 expected to be released by this week

However, should you also wait for it (like me), looking at history how Apple released their Public Beta software, Apple is expected to seed the iOS 11 Public Beta 2 to public soon this week (if not today). So stay tuned!

​Features I expect in iOS 11 Public Beta 2 are these:

List here are mostly coming from issues/bugs found and features missing during my testing with iOS 11 Public Beta 1.

For findings (features, bugs, issues) I found during my testing with iOS 11 Public Beta 1, do check here.

I put them in sequence based on my most wanted list of features.

1. Offload app. I couldn’t find it on Public Beta 1
2. Dark theme (I do really expect although unlikely Apple will ever come out with this feature)
3. Screen Recording to work on browsers (Eg: Safari, Chrome)
4. Fixes for Control Center icons not responding to the actual settings (Eg: Turning OFF WiFi from Control Center didn’t really turning it OFF in Settings)
5. A way to re-arrange Control Center icons from Control Center itself
6. Fix to show all my installed apps under Settings > Cellular, otherwise I can’t switch ON/OFF cellular data for those installed apps.
7. Fix to be able to slide the message (or notification) from lock screen to open the native (messaging) app.
8. Much better Battery Performance.

What about you? What do you expect to see in iOS 11 Public Beta 2?

What do you expect Apple to bring/fix in the upcoming iOS 11 Public Beta 2? Do give your thoughts and comments on comment section below.

How to get yourself iOS 11

iOS 11 public beta download and install
iOS 11 Public Beta: Download and install
Just in case you haven’t registered yourself as public beta testers (it’s FREE anyway), do check this link to get yourself iOS 11 public beta.


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