The not-so secret of never running out of money that people know but rarely doing it

Here is the not-so secret of never running out of money that most -if not all- people know but (again) most of them are rarely doing it: spend lesser than what you earned.
You must think or say, “duh!” soon after reading it. But that’s the thing, although you knew it even before reading that, but most likely most of you are not doing it.
spend less to never runs out of money
Never runs out of money simply by spend lesser

Humans are Hunger for Improvements

Human has tendency whenever he is free and has nothing to do, we (human) will start to think about anything from eating, traveling, getting new gadgets, buying new cars, purchasing new watches, acquiring new shirts, anything that we think we can improve or enhance our lives (or belly). I call them “hunger for improvements”. Improving ourselves are good. That’s not bad at all and there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s bad is that, these improvements (most of the time) are not based on necessity but most cases are based on impulse alone, making us, most of the time, to spend more that what we earned. Don’t get me wrong here, even until today I’m still doing the same – I’m still has this hunger for improvements feeling (everybody does have it anyway) -, however now I can control that “hunger for improvements” feeling much better. The method that I used to make myself spending lesser is by keeping myself busy with any sort of activities. Great if from the activities I can generate even more money, if not, at least activities that won’t waste any money, so in the end I won’t running out of money, simply because I am spending lesser by being busy and at the same time making more money from my being busy.

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Warren Buffet – a great example of people who never running out of money, not because he is rich, but because he always keeps himself busy.

You should know Warren Buffett – the Oracle of Omaha – the most successful investor of human history who owns billions of dollars yet he is spending so less – based of facts: he eats McDonalds which costs him US$2-3, he lives on the same modest house he bought 50 years ago despite his richness, he drives the same car he bought many years back and it’s not Ferrari or Lamborghini despite his billions of fortunes. Apart from being frugal, Warren Buffett always make himself busy – nowadays he spend his free time reading books. He can read 600-1000 pages a day, while younger Buffett, apart from work he did, he took public speaking course so that he had confident to teach “investment principles” in one of the university at Omaha. Subsequently young Buffett always tried to find opportunities that made him his first million. Lesson learned here is that, by making himself busy, he won’t think too much about getting a new Ferrari, upgrade to a new house or condo or eating at fancy 5-star restaurants. He simply spend less despite the fortune he has. And as a result, his fortunes keep increasing and he will never runs out of money for the rest of his life.

Keeping Yourself Busy – in relation to never running out of money

Yes, the easiest way to never running out of money is simply to spend lesser. And getting busy is the best, easiest way you can achieve that spending lesser habit.
Jamless Jakarta visit Jakarta
Busy street – Busy People. Image courtesy of Wonderful Indonesia –
Here’s are few samples, things you can do to make yourself busy, spend lesser and never runs out of money:
– Busy doing your work – generate money
– Busy doing your chores – not spending any money
– Busy thinking of a next big plan of yours – may generate you more money in the future
– Busy doing your side hustle – generate more money
– Even busy playing games or making funny/even stupid things – may generate more money if you upload to Twitch or YouTube
 – Whatever other activities that can make you busy and forget to spend.
Nowadays there are lots of jobs that you can do without requiring special skill nor specific educational background nor certificates – but simply need practise if you want to master it. You don’t even need to spend a dime to master it since today almost everything you can find on the internet. Become YouTuber (look at PewDiePie), Social Media influencer (look around you), Podcaster (look at Pat Fylnn of Smart Passive Income or John Lee Dumas of EO Fire), couriers like UberEats Driver (find my story here), Uber Driver, etc so on and so forth. All those you can learn for free on the internet.

Things I do to never running out of money

On my free time, I spend it by writing articles on my website that I feel good to be shared, curated based on my own experiences. And should I feel bored writing or just don’t have idea at that time, I just do exercise by doing Uber Food Delivery, getting healthy and get paid for it. In the end, I rarely spend. In fact I’m earning more.
UberEats Driver Q&A
Exercise by doing UberEats Delivery – Healthy and get paid for it

Now it’s your turn.

What about you? Are you ready to make yourself never running out of money? Do give comments on comment section below your thoughts, ideas to never running out of money or your experience to achieve that.

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