Supercharged Your Day: How to Feel Supercharged Every Day

Have you ever experienced during one of your day that you feel everything looks so good, so easy, so perfect, lots of ideas in your head and then you have so much energy to do your tasks, to interact with others, to mingle with all the issues?

Feels good right? That’s the feeling of getting supercharged. Though it’s over exaggerating but it feels like you have the superhero power. And that’s exactly people like Tony Robbins feels every day. For those who don’t know who is Tony Robbins, he is a life coach which I knew him from series of Podcasts and YouTube video that teach, share and give motivations, tips and tricks around our lives. People like Tony Robbins, they feel supercharged and able to accomplish so many things during the day.
And you know what, to feel supercharged is not something born gifted nor require you to get bitten by spider to have Spiderman-like power. To feel supercharged is something that you can learn and train yourself so that every day of your day, you feel supercharged.

Tips to get and feel Supercharged Every Day

Using these tips below can help you to create and feel supercharged each and every day. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Always have in mind that today is a good day. Be Positive.
Today is a good day – no matter how crowd and complicated your day is
This is very important and is the foundation of everything else. Always have a positive mind. Here’s in detail how you can make every day of your day is indeed a good day, do check here.

2. Wake up then do 5-10 minutes exercises.

Doesn’t need to be heavy and long one. Simple yet light such as walk or run around the house will do just fine. Alternatively make your breakfast preparation as part of your exercise – since preparing also takes efforts. This to kick-start you, your mind and your body to start the day.

3. Check and see your goals and how far are you from achieving them.

2017 half year target review breakdown target
Where are you now on your goals?
Check your long term goal and short term goal, and evaluate how far you are from achieving them. If you haven’t made such thing, start making them then. Having a short term and long term goals will motivate you during the hardships you are going to meet during the journey.
From that short term and long term goals, extract and make list of 3 most important things you need to do today to achieve that goals of yours. You can do this after waking up or before going to sleep. Your preferences.

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4. Eat your breakfast.

Save Money without working more prepare your own meal
Eat breakfast
Some people skip breakfast. Although I do really recommend to eat breakfast – no matter how small or light it is. By eating breakfast before really starting your day (doing your daily activities such as work or study), you will have enough energy to start your day. Feeling hungry at the start of the day won’t do you any good.

5. See your loved ones and interact with them.

Be it parents, spouse, siblings, friends. If you live far away from them, think about them or imagine about them being here with you or call/FaceTime them. Doing this will plant in your mind that there’s someone you care or care about you, waiting for you at home. This to trigger you to work great and efficiently and bring home success and smile.

6. Walk more and drink more.

Exercise after waking up is not enough. Walk more and drink more. Your body needs both (walk and drink) to stay supercharged. On your way to the office or at the office itself, walk yourself whenever possible. Take the staircase instead of escalator, especially if it’s just one to two floor difference. And drink regularly.
Take one step at a time achieve your goal
Supercharged your day: Take Staircases instead of elevator or lift.
For me, I intentionally use a very small water bottle and put it on my office desk in front of me, so I can see it and remember to hydrate myself. By using a very small water bottle, when I do drink from it, only a few gulps the water inside the bottle is finished, triggering myself to walk to pantry to refill my water bottle. Doing this, not only I hydrate myself, but also I walk more. By walking more, I balance out my energy from my head to the rest of my body.

7. Finally take a good amount of sleep.

So that tomorrow you can repeat the whole thing again and feel supercharged. Good amount of sleep doesn’t need to be super long. The standard is 8 hours, though people like Tony Robbins sleep 3-4 hours only a day and yet he still feel Supercharged. Aim for quality sleep over quantity.

Bring It All Together

I am doing this on my daily basis and not only I feel every day is a good day but also I do feel supercharged every day. If this is your first time, take time to train yourself to do them – don’t force it too hard. Slowly but sure, if you are training yourself to do these things every day, they will be your habits. Once they become habits, they will be automated. If you don’t do any of them, your body and your mind will ask for them.

The benefits of doing all these things and getting supercharged are those things I mentioned earlier: you have all the energy and everything looks and feels good, easy, perfect, lots of ideas, that eventually will lead you to achieve your daily, short and long terms goals easier.


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