Apple iPhone RAM sizes for All models including iPhone 15, Max, Pro & Pro Max

Fun fact: Although the latest iPhone is named and labelled as iPhone 15, but in fact Apple has released 42 models of iPhone since 2007!

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Do check out the iPhone RAM size from the original iPhone introduced back in 2007 until the latest iPhone 15 in 2023. You’ll be surprised on how humble iPhone RAM size back then compared to today’s model. Anyway, everything always has a humble beginning, and so does iPhone. The original iPhone started with 128MB RAM for its original iPhone (you may say, what?!). Today, the latest and greatest from Apple – the iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with 8GB of RAM – that’s comparable to many Android smartphones and even to a computer – be it Mac or PC.

The original iPhone (on the left) and iPhone 3GB have only 128MB of RAM. Image courtesy of
Dan Taylor
, Wikimedia and Wikipedia.

Without further ado, do check out the complete 42 models of iPhone with their RAM sizes!

iPhone 15 Pro Max RAM Size and all iPhone RAM Sizes before it

To date, Apple has officially released 42 iPhone models. This doesn’t count the variations across regions. From the 42 models, how many have you used before / currently? Do give your comments down below on the comment section.

Check out various iPhone RAM sizes since beginning until the latest iPhone 15 series! Image courtesy of Apple.

#ModelYear ReleaseRAM Size
1iPhone 2G2007128 MB
2iPhone 3G2008128 MB
3iPhone 3GS2009256 MB
4iPhone 42010512 MB
5iPhone 4S2011512 MB
6iPhone 520121 GB
7iPhone 5C20131 GB
8iPhone 5S20131 GB
9iPhone 620141 GB
10iPhone 6 Plus20141 GB
11iPhone 6S20152 GB
12iPhone 6S Plus20152 GB
13iPhone SE20162 GB
14iPhone 720162 GB
15iPhone 7 Plus20163 GB
16iPhone 820173 GB
17iPhone 8 Plus20173 GB
18iPhone X20173 GB
19iPhone XR20183 GB
20iPhone XS20183 GB
21iPhone XS Max20184 GB
22iPhone 1120194 GB
23iPhone 11 Pro20194 GB
24iPhone 11 Pro Max20194 GB
25iPhone SE 2nd Gen20203 GB
26iPhone 1220204 GB
27iPhone 12 Mini20204 GB
28iPhone 12 Pro20206 GB
29iPhone 12 Pro Max20206 GB
30iPhone 1320214 GB
31iPhone 13 Mini20214 GB
32iPhone 13 Pro20216 GB
33iPhone 13 Pro Max20216 GB
34iPhone SE 3rd Gen20224 GB
35iPhone 1420226 GB
36iPhone 14 Plus20226 GB
37iPhone 14 Pro20226 GB
38iPhone 14 Pro Max20226 GB
39iPhone 1520236 GB
40iPhone 15 Plus20236 GB
41iPhone 15 Pro20238 GB
42iPhone 15 Pro Max20238 GB

What do you think of iPhone Memory (RAM) Size today?

apple ios 17 ipados 17 compatible devices
iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Pro Max has 8GB of RAM. Image courtesy of Apple.

Apple used to release iPhone with comparatively smaller amount of RAM, especially when compared to its closest competitors – Android flagships, such as Samsung Galaxy series. However, I believe that day has past behind. Although the latest and greatest iPhone – iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max – RAM size is still considered smaller (compared to Samsung latest Galaxy), but it’s now matched the amount of RAM offered by Google on its latest Pixel phones – which is 8GB. Moreover, many of today’s Mac or PC are still sold with the same 8GB of RAM, so what do you think of iPhone RAM today?

I do hope with 8GB of RAM, Apple can push iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max further on the software sides, closing the gaps to the MacOS and even removing limitations on what iPhone can do – especially now the iPhone is equipped with industry-standard USB-C connector. My wish is that one day, iPhone can be one single device to rule everything from getting productive to entertainment – plug it to a monitor and pair it with a keyboard and mouse to replace the Mac, plug it to TV to replace the PlayStation or Xbox. I believe they are not so far away, but we’ll see.

Share your thoughts and comments down below on the comment section.

iphone and ios tips and tricks
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