Introducing the $299 New Apple iPad (2018 version) with Apple Pencil Supports – Tech Spec and Q&A Inside!

Yesterday was 27th March 2018 and Apple announced few new products, but one of them is the star of the show – the new iPad (2018 version) – specifically made with students in mind. Why? Because apart from special price given for students, Apple also finally enable Apple pencil on non-pro iPads and it’s’ considerably cheap at $299 for the lowest configuration (Wi-Fi only 32GB storage). See below for more details, tech specs comparisons and Q&A.
Apple Education Event New iPad with Apple Pencil
Apple Education Event on 27th March 2018 – New iPad with Apple Pencil – Image courtesy of

Yes! The new iPad (2018) supports Apple Pencil!

Apple Education Event New iPad support Apple Pencil
The new Apple iPad (2018 version) now supports Apple Pencil! – Image courtesy of

Wait no more! Here are the new iPad (2018) Tech Specs.

To give you better idea where is the new iPad 2018 version sitting between its siblings, here are the tech spec comparisons between the new 9.7″ iPad 2018 version with the latest iPad Pro 10.5 inch and the previous version of 9.7″ iPad (2017).
Features/iPad The New iPad (2018 version) 9.7″ iPad (2017 version)
10.5″ iPad Pro
Color Space Gray Space Gray Space Gray
Silver Silver Silver
Gold Gold Gold
Rose Gold
Storage 32GB / 128GB 32GB/128GB
64GB / 256GB / 512GB
Price Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
32GB: $299 (Student Price) / $329 (normal price) 32GB: $329 64GB: $649
128GB: $429 128GB: $429 256GB: $799
512GB: $999
Wi-Fi + LTE Wi-Fi + LTE Wi-Fi + LTE
32GB: $459 32GB: $459 64GB: $779
128GB: $559 128GB: $559 256GB: $929
512GB: $1129
Apple Pencil Supported Not Supported Supported
Keyboard Compatibility Bluetooth Keyboard Bluetooth Keyboard
Bluetooth Keyboard
Smart Keyboard
Screen size 9.7″ 9.7″ 10.5″
Screen resolution 2048×1536 pixel 2048×1536 pixel 2224×1668 pixel
Pixel per Inch 264 ppi 264 ppi 264 ppi
Back Camera 8MP 8MP 12MP
Front Camera 1.2MP 1.2MP 7MP
4K Video Recording No No Yes
1080 HD Video Recording Yes Yes Yes
Weight (Wi-Fi) 1.03 pounds / 469 grams 1.03 pounds / 469 grams
1.03 pounds / 469 grams
Authentication method Touch ID Touch ID Touch ID
CPU A10 Fusion A9 A10X Fusion
M10 coprocessor M9 coprocessor
M10 coprocessor
Wireless Charging No No No
Water Resistant No No No
3D Touch No No No


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The new iPad (2018) Q&A

What are the good things on the new iPad (2018 version)?
As you can see from the tech specs and comparisons above, the new iPad (2018 version) does support Apple Pencil and other styluses, weigh the same as both 10.5″ iPad Pro and 9.7″iPad (2017).
In terms of processing power, now the new iPad (2018 version) does have the same computing power as Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with A10 Fusion chip help with M10 coprocessor and 2GB of RAM.
These days, is 2GB of RAM enough?
First of all, don’t compare iOS with Android. iOS – despite all the issues – especially memory management issues that plaguing iOS 11 – is still much better compare to Android in terms of memory usage. So 2GB is more than enough for now to run all those heavy applications.
To give you better assurance as well, the latest iPhone 8 are also coming with 2GB of RAM.
How to differentiate between the new iPad (2018 version) with iPad (2017 version)?
The easiest way to do this is by looking at their model number. At the time this article is written, Apple hasn’t published yet the new iPad (2018 version) model number, but if you are looking to buy the new iPad (2018 version) from 3rd party retailer, make sure the model number are not these – since they are iPad (2017 version):
iPad (2017 version) model number: A1822 (Wi-Fi) or A1823 (Wi-Fi + LTE).
How to check iPad Model Number?
Go to Settings > General > About.
Find Model.
How is it different from the other iPad?
First of all, selling price. If you are a student and looking for a tablet, then you are in good position. There’s student discount given. Apple selling its new iPad (2018 version) as low as $299.
Second is the ability to use Apple Pencil, means it opens a lot of possibilities for you – as a student, a designer who design using a tablet, a worker who take notes frequently, anybody good with stylus.
What are the drawbacks of the new iPad (2018 version)?
First is the discounted price only available for students. If you are not a student, you need to fork out some more cash to get the new iPad (2018 version).
Second, Apple pencil and all 3rd party styluses are sold separately which means you need to fork some more cash to start sketching and writing on the new iPad.
If you are looking to buy Smart Keyboard to use with the new iPad (2018 version), well you are out of luck, because the new iPad (2018 version) does not support Apple Smart Keyboard. It does only support Bluetooth Keyboard.

Will you buy the new iPad (2018)?

Apple new 9.7 inch iPad now supports Apple Pencil
Apple new 9.7 inch iPad now supports Apple Pencil – Image courtesy of
And what makes you buying or not buying the new iPad 2018? Are you a student who are looking for tablet? Do comments down below.



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