Do this one thing to your OLED Android Phones and iPhone to make battery life last even much longer and Earth greener!

First of all, let’s start why smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, Apple and many more) these days choose to use OLED instead of LCD. And these are their reasons.

Starting with iPhone X, Apple has started using OLED screen on its iPhone. Apple move to OLED was deemed necessary because of mainly these 2 reasons:

1) battery technology doesn’t improve that much since the past decade and

2) the new iPhone and future coming iPhone come with everything screen, which literally translate to more battery power needed to light up the whole entire screen.

And because of OLED, not only newer and much better in technology when compared to LCD, but also it can show better sharper colors and when right color is chosen, it does save more battery life, so OLED was finally chosen by Apple as the current standard.

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More and more smartphone manufacturers are jumping to OLED display – Image courtesy of

That’s also the reason, Samsung have been using its version of OLED screen called AMOLED since long time ago on all of its flagships, to compensate on the Android optimization that it can’t do very well – unlike Apple which does have full control on both hardware and software within one company so they know exactly where to optimize, Samsung is using Google Android which is not within their own control, they take whatever released by Google then merge with their enhancements, skinning, app store and their own apps.

Do this one thing to save even more OLED phone’s battery life

Believe it or not, picking the right color for your wallpaper can save you a lot. Your phone battery will last longer within a day, while doing this over and over again will make your overall phone battery life expectancy also last longer as well since the lesser times you charge your phone, the lesser the battery cycles getting reduced. You also get benefit from the reduced amount of electricity being consumed – since lesser times a charging is done. Now all those savings I mentioned, multiply them by the number of people who use OLED display smarphones and pick the right color and see how our mother Earth can benefit from it. The right color we are talking here is black. Pure deep black.

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Well, black is boring…

As boring as a Black color is, it’s one of the most seen color in one’s life. You included. Website text color normally is in black color. Your computer keyboard likely is in black. Night time sky is also black. Most of men shoes are also black. Our own shadows are black. So like I said earlier, actually black is the most seen color compared to the rest color.

But why black is so special that it can save OLED Android and iPhone Battery?

iPhone SE 2 iPhone SE 2018
Use black wallpaper does improve your phone battery life- Image courtesy of user at

The answer lies within the technology behind OLED screen. Unlike LCD screen which does requires backlight, OLED screen illuminates themselves without the need for additional extra backlight. What happen with black color and why it’s so special – it can save phone battery life – is because when OLED screen is showing black, the OLED is basically doesn’t show anything at all – it doesn’t light up anything, it’s just turned off the diodes and become deep black. And since it doesn’t light up anything thus resulting in better battery life since nothing gets consumed.

Take Action: Start using Black Wallpaper for even better battery life

So yes, start using deep black color wallpaper and see the impact it brings to your OLED smartphone.

You can find any deep black wallpaper and use it, even you can create one yourself. But in case you are lazy to create one yourself or lazy to search the internet for it, here I attached the deep full black color wallpaper you can trim and use on your OLED screen smartphone. It’s 4096 x 4096 pixels, tap on the image to reveal its full size resolution then download and trim as necessary on your phone.

deep black wallpaper for oled screen iphone and android
Pure deep black wallpaper you can use on your OLED smartphone – Tap image to make it appear in full resolution

There’s also a Reddit thread (link below) which discussing about OLED screen and whether or not using black wallpaper does save more battery. Check it out.

Do OLEDs actually save that much battery? from Android


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