What Nintendo didn’t told you about the new Nintendo Switch | Differences between old vs New Nintendo Switch

I’m not talking about the Nintendo Switch lite here, but a refresh of the original Nintendo Switch many people called it either version 2 or generation 2 model or XKW model as so far there’s no uniform term to call the new refreshed Nintendo Switch.

What Nintendo told you is the new refreshed Nintendo Switch has better battery life with the same form factor. However apart from better battery life, these are things Nintendo didn’t outspokenly tell you about the new Nintendo Switch.

YouTuber Kevin Kenson highlights a few notable differences between the 2 systems. Here’s his video on YouTube that explains the differences between the old Nintendo Switch and the new refreshed one.

What Nintendo didn’t told you about the new Nintendo Switch

In summary, in case you can’t/don’t want to see the video, the new Nintendo Switch, compare the old one has the following advantages:

  1. New brighter screen – The new one has higher nits.
  2. Warmer color temp – a little bit orange-ish instead of blue-ish.
  3. Both brighter screen and warmer color temp are making the new Nintendo Switch screen to look much better under direct sunlight – this is great if you often play your Nintendo Switch in outdoor area.
  4. New Switch generates less heat – so you can play games longer without afraid the console gets overheated.
  5. Joy-con stick and the PCB board inside are a little bit different from the old one, which hopefully solved the Joy-con drifting issue.
Nintendo Switch jilaxzone.com Main Menu Interface
Nintendo Switch: Main Menu Interface

How to differentiate between the new Nintendo Switch and the old one

While the differences highlighted above are more from the inside Switch console, here are differences you can easily spot to differentiate between the old Nintendo Switch and the new refreshed Nintendo Switch so you won’t mistakenly buy the old console while hoping to get the new model.

ItemOld SwitchNew Switch
Standard model boxBox with white backgroundBox with red background
Model numberHAC-001HAC-001(-01)
Product Serial numberStarts with XAWStarts with XKW

Bring it all together

So with all the inside and out and advantages of the new Nintendo Switch told above, are you buying the new refreshed Nintendo Switch? Are you first timer or you own a Nintendo Switch before?

Have no money to buy Nintendo Switch or can’t decide which one?

Not everyone able to afford Nintendo Switch, you may be one of them. In case you do, while keep saving money to buy Nintendo Switch, here’s what you can do while waiting for the day to come: DIY Create your own Nintendo Switch.

The same link is for you who can’t decide yet whether to get the old Nintendo Switch, the new one or the lite one – you can get the feel of Nintendo Switch which hopefully help you to decide which model to get into.

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