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Either you are tourists transitting in Singapore or locals with hungry stomach, here you go for those looking for budget food in Changi Airport Singapore.

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Changi Airport of Singapore is one of the best and most beautiful airports this world have, especially with the most recent addition – the gigantic spherical building made of glass with the giant waterfall inside – named as Jewel. Being one of the best and most beatiful, Changi Airport doesn’t forget that there are budget travelers and budget eaters (like me), so apart from offering world-class lounges and fine restaurants, there’s also choices for budget travelers and budget eaters who just want to fill your hungry stomach with food or drink.

Who say eating at changi airport is expensive?

Here are the choices:

1) Kopitiam

One of many food-court chain here in Singapore is also available in Changi Airport, Singapore.

Food price range$3-$7 (average)
Drink price range$1.5 – $3 (average, non-alcoholic))
LocationTerminal 3 (T3) public area at Basement 2, #B2-03. (MAP).
Opening hour24-hour
Food choicesHalal & Non-halal: Kaya toast, Nasi Padang, putu mayam, fried hokkien prawn mee, char kway teow, chicken rice, laksa, fish ball noodles, Yong Tau Foo, desserts, Japanese bakery.

PS: Don’t forget to bring your Kopitiam card for extra 5-10% discount.

2) Airport Staff Canteen

Want something more adventurous and feel like an insider? Eat at staff canteen! The place, though intended for staffs, but everyone is welcomed – tourists and locals can come, visit and eat too.

Going there is a bit tricky though, because you won’t see any direction towards the staff canteen inside the Airport building but let me tell you, it’s doable and adventurous!

Here’s how to get to Staff Canteen

1) Go to Changi Airport Terminal 1 – Arrival hall public area.

2) Position yourself where Jewel is behind you, the Arrival baggage collection for passengers is in front of you. Walk to the far-right – the same direction for coach and staff entrance area, until you see a glass door to exit the Airport building.

3) Pass the glass door to exit the Airport building then go to your left, you should be able to see the “Staff Canteen” logo.

orchis food court changi airport staff canteen jilaxzone.com
Orchis food court – Changi Airport Staff Canteen, located at B1, accessible via L1

4) Walk towards the “Staff Canteen” logo, soon after you’ll see this “Orchis food court” banner. Go downstairs to enjoy the food!

There are 2 prices: Staff prices and Public prices. The one I listed down below is the Public prices. Staff prices is even cheaper.

changi airport staff canteen food choices jilaxzone.com
Some of the food choices available here in Changi Airport Staff Canteen
Food price range $3-$6 (average)
Drink price range$1 – $2.5 (average, non-alcoholic))
LocationTerminal 1 (T1) public area at Basement 1, however only accessible via Level 1. (MAP).
Opening hour6AM – 9PM
Food choicesHalal & Non-halal: Food served here is more or less the same with Kopitiam.

Bring it all together

Though labelled as world class airport, Changi Airport of Singapore still offers budget choices for food – so if you happen to visit here or come across, don’t forget to give them a try.

Average prices shown above is just really the average of all the available stalls. You can go lower and even can go much higher than that – depends on what you order.

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